School Newsletter 05.06.2015

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Newsletter 05.06.2015

Friday, June 05, 2015

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Dates for your diary

Whole School


8th June  ‘Anxiety awareness’ talk for parents (see below)
8th June – 10th  June Book Recycling Project (see below) 
11th June‘Missing Dan Nolan’ & ‘Gagging for it’ – drama performance (see below)
17th June‘The Love of the Nightingale’ – drama performance
26th JuneEnd Of Year Celebration


11th JuneP1 unit related trip
11th-12th JuneP4 unit related overnight trip
17th JuneEC2 End of Year Celebration
18th June P1 End of Year Celebration
23rd JuneOliver Production
24th JuneEC1 End of Unit Celebration
25th June Primary Celebration, Prize Giving and P6 Graduation
25th JuneP6 Graduation Party
25th JuneEC1 Unit related trip
26th June Primary Reports Dispatched



8th-10th JuneM4, M5 & D1 end-of-year examinations continue
18th June M2 & M3 student led conferences
19th June M1, M2 & M3 school trips


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Whole School News

From the Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The D2 graduation on the night of Friday 29th was a truly beautiful event.  Even though the weather report shouted of potential rain, the team collaborated well and managed to get the marquee erected on time and transformed it into a truly beautiful venue.  The students arrived dressed to impress with suits, bow ties beautiful dresses and killer heels. The night was the recognition that the students deserved; great company, good humour and some teary moments along the way.

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Thank you to everyone who turned out on Saturday morning to support Danii’s charity in the SotoSol walk.  It is truly incredible to see how strong our community is, not only in Sotogrande, but also across the world with SotoSol walks taking place globally.   I have no idea how Robbie and Rufus managed to run 32 kilometres, but sincerest congratulations to them on their achievement!  I cannot imagine how much pain they were in the next day; my legs were still hurting on Wednesday!

Next year we will open a new art building and will be re-designing the old boarding house to increase the teaching and learning space.  We have asked staff and students to suggest names for these two buildings and have shortlisted the most popular.  We now need to agree the new names. As we would prefer to consult with the whole SIS community, please take a minute to click on this link to register your preferred choices. Closing date for this vote is Friday June 12th.  Thanks in advance from the School Leadership Team.

This week assessments and exams started across our school with P3 – P6 students having their maths and language assessments and students in M1 – D1 taking their end-of-year exams.  Whilst we are not a school that concentrates solely on academic success, it is never the less important to fully prepare our students for life beyond school.  Revision, study skills and exam performance are key skills at university and beyond.  Good luck to all of our students!

As is essential here at SIS, we are continuously committed to experiential learning.  On Thursday P1 went back to Eco Spirit in Tarifa where they took tents and organised themselves for a camping afternoon.  On Friday P4 visited Gibraltar on a Spanish trip.  Allowing our students to see, feel and experience for themselves makes the learning experience so much stronger.

Tonight there is a Uganda fund raising event at Floria beach bar where members of staff and students will be performing as the sun sets.  If you are able to join us it would be lovely to see you there.

Best wishes,

Jak Kearney


A Huge Thank You to the PTA

We are delighted to announce that the PTA has agreed the funding for the following projects:

* €7000 for the EC1 –P2 playground extension and creative play project

* €7000 for the fitness / rehabilitation room

* Half of the funds €4000 (school will fund the other half) which will re-equip the climbing wall

* €1100 for 6 GoPros for the Student Council

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Important school uniform information

We have been asked by El Corte Ingles to pass on to parents the following information:

  • Sales of school uniform for next academic year are starting now.
  • Families with several children are entitled to an additional 10% discount.
  • Uniform payments can be made in 9 installments with the first payment commencing in October.
  • Any required fitting alterations are free.

‘Anxiety Awareness’ talk for parents

You are invited to attend a talk that will give you an in-depth understanding of anxiety. You will learn about what causes anxiety, why it develops, the destructive and dangerous behaviours anxiety can lead to, including: alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, obsessions and compulsions. And, you will be given insight on what you can to do help manage anxiety for yourself and your teenagers, with a particular focus on eating disorders and self-harm, and how to prevent anxiety disorder development.

Speaker, Antonia Behan provides private coaching and creative group workshops for adults and teenagers. She supports individuals in learning to love and believe in themselves, to manage personal challenges in healthy and self-empowering ways, and to cultivate heart-centred ways of living.

Learn more at

Monday 8th June, 09.00 – 10.30

R.S.V.P. to Antonia Behan: 620 741 361

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What’s on at the theatre

At 18.30 on Thursday 11th of June the M5 students will be presenting two one act plays.

‘Missing Dan Nolan’ is a piece of verbatim theatre recounting the true story of a young boy who went missing on a fishing trip.

‘Gagging for it’ is a dark comedy about a group of teenagers experimenting with drugs, alcohol, dating and friendship.

Due to the explicit language and adult content these plays are recommended for an M4 and older audience.  Tickets are free.

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Performances feature some familiar faces with considerable talent. It will be a good evening’s entertainment!

Also a date for your diary:

17th of June. 6.30pm. ‘The Love of the Nightingale’ by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Performed by D1 Theatre group.

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Use of Apple Technologies at SIS   

Last Wednesday we held a presentation for other schools, which was organised by Apple/Goldenmac. During the 90 minute presentation Julieta and Carlota from P6, Julian from M1, Ana from M2, Loreto and Carlota from M4 and Pablo from M5 showcased how we use and integrate Apple Technology into our curricula.

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The students must be commended as they were great ambassadors for our school and confidently presented their skills, knowledge and understandings as they described different student projects. Once again SIS was able to show our ever improving and cutting edge use of technology.

Book Fair

Thank-you to everyone who visited the Book Fair last Thursday; as a result of your purchases the school received over 170€ worth of free books.

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Book Recycling Project = Money for the Kindred Project

Next week the Primary Student Council will be on duty at the main gate both mornings and afternoons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to receive any donations of books your family no longer wants.  We are happy to recycle books in any language for both adults and children. This will be the final collection for this academic year and we hope to tell you next week a grand total of how much has been raised for the Kindred Project from this initiative.

Sotosol Walk 2015

A great turnout and a great day! Congratulations to everyone who participated, a huge thank-you to everyone involved before, during and afterwards for such a well-organised event and of course thank-you to all sponsors.

Some students are still collecting their sponsorship money, so hopefully Danii will be able to confirm a final total to announce in our next newsletter.

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As well as the magnificent turnout from the Sotogrande community, the SIS Alumni played their part too in making this a Global Success.

The inaugural #SotoSol International! Check out ‪ for photos from our Alumni around the world.

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Camila Moody and Friends in Adelaide (Australia)

Inspired by Camilla Moody, SIS Alumni, several of whom were at school with Danii, ran in all these locations around the world to support the SotoSolWalk and Danii’s charity – the global reach of SIS!

Adelaide; Barcelona; Berlin; Bologna; Copenhagen; Coventry, UK; Durham, UK;

Glasgow; Kent, UK; Lesotho, SA; Madrid; Malta; Milan; New Zealand; Pamplona;

Perth, Australia; Qatar; Rotterdam; Vancouver; Vietnam; Warwick, UK.

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Primary School News

Summer Is Here! M3 Community Project

As the summer is fast approaching and as part of their Community Project M3 students Carmela, Carlota and Jimena have brought to our teachers’ attention that students should be protecting themselves from the damage the sun can do.

To help the girls with increasing awareness of this issue and of course to help safeguard our children, please can we ask that all students apply sun-cream before coming to school.  If students do forget, there is sun-cream available in school for those students who do not have allergies.  We also recommend that students bring and wear a sunhat when they are outside.

Thank you Carmela, Carlota and Jimena for making us more aware of this issue!

Oliver: Call For Help

We are for looking for the following items for our production of Oliver. We will need the items until the 24th of June.

Hip flasks x4

Parasols x4

Barrels x3 (beer keg)

Chimney cleaning brushes x6

A large locket

One ruby coloured earring

Fake roses

Metal buckets x2

Small baskets with handles x6

If you are able to help with any of these items, please send them to the P3 teachers in the Primary Building as soon as possible.

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Sports Days

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If you click on the following links you will find two different videos  – one is summary of all the activities (50 seconds approx.) and the other one has many pictures from both days.



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Secondary School News

Notice to all students and parents regarding attendance

Dear Students and Parents,

As we approach the end of the school year, I wish to emphasise that there is a full expectation that students attend school until the last day of term. Students in each year group will be participating in curriculum and other activities that are a fundamental and intrinsic part of the whole school experience.

Failure to attend school for any of these activities will certainly be detrimental to the student’s SIS education.

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In particular, during the last few days of term, students in D1 will be involved in compulsory diploma components including the Science Group 4 Project, Extended Essay days, vital exam feedback, taught curriculum and preparation for TOK presentations. It will be viewed extremely seriously if anyone misses these sessions.

In any situation where non-attendance for any part of the last two weeks of school is unavoidable, please contact the student’s pastoral leader to inform the school of the special circumstances.

We appreciate your cooperation in pursuit of the best learning experience for all our students.

Jane Bannell

Head of Upper School

M3 Community Project oral presentations

Last Thursday and Friday the Community Project final oral presentations took place where M3 students showed their work to the supervisors. The community project gave M3 students an opportunity to develop awareness of needs in various communities and address those needs through service learning. As a consolidation of learning, the community project engaged students in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service action in the community.

Furthermore, this process helped M3 students to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile; they had the opportunity to demonstrate ATL skills developed through the process as well as the language development required for an oral presentation as the culminating activity. Additionally the Community Project prepared them for further education projects and presentations in the future as independent lifelong learners. M3 students experienced the responsibility of completing a significant piece of work over an extended period of time, as well as the need to reflect on their learning and the outcomes of their work.

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Congratulations to M3 for the hard work, commitment and motivation they showed during this process!

M3 parents are welcome to see their projects at the next student led conference on the 18th of June.

Community Project supervisors Miss Encarni, Miss Rocío, Mr.Cronin, Mr.Reichert and Miss Gara

To see all projects click here; Link

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The Kindred Project News

Nepal Emergency Appeal

Another week comes to its end, and our Nepalese partners continue with their Helping Hand relief project, which has reached so many remote villages in need and continues to find ways to support the victims before the monsoon season kicks-in.

We are delighted to announce that, so far, we have managed to raise an outstanding €3.024 thanks to initiatives such as the P2 market sale, Dreaming Dragons pop-up, Moulin Rouge ticket sales, and various private donations. Thank you! The count is not over and we have until the end of our academic year to continue with our fundraising efforts, before we transfer the much-needed funds to Kopan Monastery.

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If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with the activities carried forward by Kopan Monastery School, simply click on the following link: Nepal Emergency Appeal

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