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We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education,which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding.
We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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1st February 2019


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 School Calendar

Friday 1 FebruarySoul Night (See Whole School News)
Wednesday 6 – Wednesday 13 FebruaryD2 Mock examinations
Wednesday 6 FebruaryM3 Parents meeting & Q & A session about subject Electives – 16:00 – 17:00 in Cantina
Thursday 7 FebruaryLaunch meeting for Asni Family trip – 16:00 -17:00 in Diploma common room (See Whole School News)
Monday 11 – Wednesday 13 FebruaryD1 Mid-year examinations

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Thursday this week we hosted 16 teachers and leaders from Luxembourg who visited our school to understand how we use technology, under our Apple Distinguished School status. The drive for this visit came form the Apple Leadership conference that we presented at last year in London. During this event 6 students who presented with us, blew the delegates away as they performed music, showed their understanding of garage band and demonstrated apps that they had developed.  On the back of this experience the Lead person for Apple Education in Luxembourg decided to set up this visit.

Additionally on Thursday and Friday we hosted visits from colleagues of our sister schools from Peru and Portugal. Our Portuguese colleagues from the Park School, Lisbon, visited to shadow the Luxembourg tour and spent time with the IT team mapping out ideas for future connections.

Our colleagues from Colegio Altair in Lima, used their holidays to spend time with us, learning from our teaching and learning team, admissions team and leadership team.

These small connections form the start of numerous opportunities between Inspired schools to share experiences and open up opportunities for students. Just this week, one of our Diploma students, Lucia received confirmation that we will hold a TED X youth event here at SIS.  This opportunity will allow students from the Inspired network to attend SIS and share in a wonderful community learning experience.

Tonight we host the SIS Soul Night, organized by another of our D1 students, Jade. This evening will be an eclectic mix of tunes performed by students and our peripatetic teams.  The event opens at 7pm and tickets cost 5€.

Finally I would like to thank you all for your kind words, emails of support and messages regarding the passing of Paul Templeton and inform you that the Spanish memorial for Paul will be held on Saturday March 30th.  The venue and time are yet to be agreed, but I will be in touch when I hear more. In the meantime, we will be working with the family to hold a small event at school to mark his passing, recognize his work, his dedication and gather as a community. I am waiting for exact dates of the family’s travel plans to coordinate this.

Best wishes,

Jak Kearney

Soul Night – 7pm tonight!

Tickets, price 5€, available at the door.



Both professional and student musicians are coming together to create this two-hour soul concert. Music comes from artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Jocelyn Brown and Chaka Khan. There’ll be drinks, food, dancing and amazing music!

Sports News from Mr Paul Summers


International Schools Athletics Association (ISAA)

I am pleased to announce that Sotogrande school has been accepted into ISAA for next school year; this sport conference will provide a high level of competition against other international schools in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The first tournaments will take place November 8/9th with cross country in the UK, over the same weekend the girls football squad will travel to Eindhoven while the boys football team travel to London.

Netherlands football tour

The under 14 boys and girls football teams have the opportunity to compete at an International tournament in the Netherlands 6-8th June. Other International schools from Switzerland, Russia, UK will also be in attendance. Boys training is every Wednesday and girls training every Thursday. The squads will be selected on attainment, effort, attitude in training and PHE lessons.

Cross Country

Next week on Thursday 7th February, the SIS Cross Country team will be travelling to Malaga to compete in the Costa del Sol championship. The team will need to leave school at 8.30am and return around 5pm. The full squad list and placings will be in the next newsletter. During lessons and after school students have been training on our own course and here are a selection of fastest girls and boys in each year group. Please ensure that if your son/daughter is selected that you return the reply slip to the PHE office.

P5 Raul S. / Mar V.

P6 Sam B. / Indie S.

M1 Joachim O. / Alma O. and Lucia W.

M2 Charlie G. / Noa F.

M3 Edwin L. / Blanca V.

M4 Antonio S. /

M5 Yannick L. /Mae G.

Inter-house activities

Over the coming weeks there will be a range of inter-house activities taking place during PHE lessons. The 4 houses are Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Phoenicians.


There is a swim club every Tuesday after school and every Friday before school. These clubs are running throughout the year. Attendance is very low so please come along and join us at these clubs.


Do you play golf outside of school? If you do and would like to represent SIS in tournaments against other international Schools, please come to the PHE office and speak to Mr Summers. I am looking to organise a tournament for this May, next year we have entered a tournament in Zurich, Switzerland.


Celebrating Cultures Fair – Friday 22nd February

On the 22nd of February we will hold our international fair “Celebrating Cultures” which will be a fantastic opportunity for students and families to discover and interact with each other, as well as sharing their own cultural values, traditions and experiences.

We need your help to make it happen! If you would like to represent your culture, you could lead a stall/workshop in this fair/ exhibition, helped by primary and secondary students and teachers.

If you are able to participate and support this event, please email Rocio Ruiz / Sonia Aviles  or Fiona Clarkson

Appel parmi nos parents à tous ceux qui parlent français de première langue!

Mettons-nous ensemble pour organiser un stand multiculturel de langue française pendant la journée de l’Andalousie le 22 février, où les gens viendront pratiquer leur français en jouant et découvrir nos merveilleuses et diverses cultures en mangeant.

Contactez-nous avec vos idées: Hélène Caillet and Emilie Bosson /

Call out for parents who are native speakers of French!

Let’s get together to organise a multicultural French speaking corner at the Celebrating Cultures day on the 22nd of February, a place where people will come to practise their French while playing games and learning about our amazing, diverse cultures and food.

Please contact us to share your ideas: Hélène Caillet and Emilie Bosson /


The Kindred Project News

Asni Family Trip 2019

We are delighted to launch our 3rd Family Trip to Asni (Morocco), open to families with children in P1 to M5.

If you would like to find out all about this unique family experience, please come along to our launch meeting on Thursday 7th February, at 4pm in the IB Common Room (Main Building), or simply send us an email to to receive the trip brochure with full information. Application deadline is the 22nd February.

Spaces are limited, so make sure not to miss out! We would love to have you join this year’s team.


Dedicated to all the students in Asni, Búa, La Línea, Sotogrande and Nabugabo

I have never met anyone who would place you more at the core of everything than Paul Templeton; you have always been one of his most essential purposes in life. “Where are the students?!” you would often hear him say.

Paul spent his life questioning, challenging and reinventing education systems to finds ways of connecting you to your unique gifts and talents. He wholeheartedly believed this would give you a profound sense of “self”; an essential element of happiness. He also materialized his extraordinary vision to take you on the unique journey from ME to WE in order to enable you to transform the world.



May The Kindred Project continue to be the enabler of your wildest dreams and living proof of the positive impact you already have on the world and the people around you. We promise to stand by you, to challenge, inspire and support you.

Paul started with a “What would it look like…?” And he did it! I am fortunate enough to see you doing this on a daily basis. Continue to have courage, hope and conviction and making it happen, guys!

May Paul’s purpose of using education as a force for good be your torch and let the KP wings carry you to your dreams.

Rest in peace Paul, your legacy will eternally live in every student that has been touched by your light and in every member of your beloved worldwide tribe.

Thank you for making us who we are, a global community glued by love.

We will miss you.

PTA News

Having recovered (almost!) from the Christmas Market, the PTA are now back in full swing. For the coming terms, we’re hoping to offer topical events, focusing on themes that address social and child related issues – both psychological and practical. If you have anything that you’d like to put forward as a suggestion, please get in touch (



There are also plans afoot for some seriously good events. Watch this space…

Last week saw our first PTA meeting; the minutes of these are now available on our Facebook page.

Global Summer Camp Competition 2019

Win a place for your child at an Inspired Global Summer Camp of your choice!

Send us a video of your child doing the activity that most inspires them and they could win a place at one of our dynamic, interactive and fun-filled educational camps taking place in Europe and Kenya in June, July and August 2019.

*Make sure you’re following Inspired Education Group on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with competition news!

Enter now:

*Children must be aged 8-18 at time of entry. Parents must enter on behalf of students under 13.


Last Saturday the Fundamentals community spent a lovely morning picking oranges in the garden of our colleague Mari. Children, parents and teachers all shared in this fun activity, exploring the gardens and working together to pick the delicious oranges!

Message From Miss Emma Butler

P1 Unit based trip

During their current unit of inquiry the students compare their own culture to their host country’s culture, looking for similarities and differences.

On Monday this week P1 spent the day in San Pablo enjoying a day of orange picking, sketching, planting and juice making. This is part of their action connected to the unit of inquiry on Culture.


The children came back laden with oranges and clementines. The Kindred Project was delighted to receive the euros which the students donated in exchange for the oranges.


P2 Creativity and technology

This week in IT lessons P2 students have been exploring the ThingLink App and creating an interactive picture related to their unit about Weather and Climate. They have been discovering new media tools and techniques and combining them in order to enhance their learning outcomes. It was lovely to see how through curiosity and excitement the students drove themselves to some great new learning.



P6 Studying energy

Studying Energy and its connection with technology has been the focus during recent IT lessons in P6.

Using online applications and Bluetooth sensors the students have been learning how to measure the energy being used by different things such as a windmill, a water mill and programmed motors. The students enjoyed being able to demonstrate their learning to our visitors during Thursday’s Lighthouse Day.


Visual Arts news

Last Thursday D1 and D2 Visual Arts students, accompanied by their teachers Mrs. Margaret O’Farrell and Mr. Daniel Maloney, spent the day at the Pompidou Centre in Malaga. The focus of the visit was to study how exhibitions are curated and to investigate artists’ work. Primary research is a valuable learning experience for our art students and will help them to develop their own portfolios, finished pieces and to expertly curate their own exhibitions.

M4 Art students are busy creating their artistic responses to the theme of ‘Migration’ using the medium of Lino print. Each year students have entered local school competitions and have been highly successful in winning top prizes for their amazing lino print designs and paintings. Good luck to all of our students who are entering the next competitions!


Last Friday M2 Drama students showcased an amazing performance of the play ‘DNA’, written by Dennis Kelly. The students had just less than 9 weeks to create their characters and learn their lines. The performance was incredible and really showed how talented our SIS students are! Well done, M2s!

Inter School Debate with Aloha College

Report by Lucia G (D1 student)

On Friday 25th January, Mrs McCann took two teams of D1 and M5 students to Aloha College, Marbella to participate in the first inter school debate. The first team, arguing for the proposition comprised of Marija, Ignacio and Violeta. This team were victors in debating that ´This house would argue that the rise of social networking is having a negative impact on our society´.



The second team had the task of challenging the motion ´This house would use affirmative action to resolve historical injustice´.  Although sadly not winning this debate, Jackson, Thomas and Marija put forward a formidable opposition team, and the judges said it was extremely close. Congratulations to Ignacio, second speaker and summary speaker for the Proposition, who was nominated as the ‘star’ in the first debate. It was a fun, friendly event that allowed students to get first-hand experience of the logistics, and demands of a formal debate, whilst practising persuasive speaking techniques against other students. We look forward to the return debate sometime in the near future.

For further information about getting involved in debating and other public speaking events, please contact Mrs McCann.

Boarding House News

The boarders had a fantastic afternoon at the Mijas chocolate factory creating our own flavour combinations!

We are a learning community, passionate about providing an International Education, which inspires and encourages learning and intercultural understanding. We facilitate self-discovery and the development of unique interests, gifts and talents, whilst promoting service learning as a force for good in the world.

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