JFGA & Sotogrande International School’s Triple A Player Programme

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JFGA & Sotogrande International School’s Triple A Player Programme


The primary focus of our JFGA & SIS partnership is providing each student-athlete with the individual care, attention and programme design that they personally need to excel their golf and academic careers, as well as become well-rounded citizens of tomorrow. The SIS Boarding House, alongside JFGA, provides the unique combination of structure and flexibility to allow student-athletes to excel. The majority of the JFGAs student-athletes share the ambition of earning golf scholarships to top colleges in the USA to compete in the NCAA conferences.

There are numerous challenges to overcome to achieve this with the main one being managing the balance between golf training, education and social development. JFGAs partnership with Sotogrande International School offers 3 programmes uniquely designed to accommodate the demands of talented young athletes to combine golf and education, without compromising one or the other, optimising their pathway to scholarships in the USA.

1. Triple A Elite Player Programme (Age 16-18)
2. Triple A Junior Player Programme (Age 14-16)
3. Triple A Future Player Programme (Age 10+)

JFGA & SIS identified a demand to create a programme that offers talented golfers the ability to dedicate half of their day to golf instruction and half of their day to education, whilst still meeting all the academic requirements to go to college in the US and all across Europe. SIS also provides additional flexibility for school absence to participate in tournaments whilst offering additional support to ensure all missed work is completed so grades are not compromised.

The boutique nature of the programme ensures the service the students experience is truly tailored to their personal requirements and that the individual is truly understood, facilitating our ability to provide that personalised service.

How does SIS Boarding facilitate and meet the needs of JFGAs Students?

SIS Boarding House provides a great hub for JFGA student-athletes to socialise and create a solid network of friends, not only with their golfing peers but also with other SIS students. Being surrounded by like-minded, committed students from all across the globe not only allows for life-long friendships to be formed but also an atmosphere of acceptance and development.

The boarding house staff provide the necessary support and guidance that provide the student-athletes with the peace of mind that if they need assistance they have a dedicated and passionate team to help them. With a range of academic staff on duty in the house, the students can always seek support in their schooling throughout the day too. Logistically, the location of the boarding house can’t be beaten. JFGA student-athletes are only required to walk 3 minutes to and from San Roque Club where the academy is located, optimising their time and flexibility when it comes to practice, especially on the weekends.

How does JFGA and SIS-Boarding help their golfers become a well-rounded athlete?
Golf by nature is a sport that requires incredible skills in independence. The teenage years can be a difficult time for the students where they are learning how to balance taking advice from authority figures such as parents, teachers and coaches but also making independent decisions for themselves. SIS and JFGA staff help support the students in the development of numerous life skills:

● Time Management
● Organisation
● Mental Structure
● Discipline
● Emotional Control
● Independence

Golf is an exceptional sport for learning and applying everyday life skills. The combination of the experience provided by golf and the dedicated support network around the student-athletes provides a great platform for success and development.

Can you give examples of positive behaviours SIS may have fostered to JFGA golfers?
The SIS boarding house team are exceptional at helping the student-athletes with their time keeping and organisational skills. Whether it’s leaving the boarding house on time for training or tournaments and ensuring they have everything they need for the day or ensuring the student-athletes are in bed and resting at a suitable hour. The SIS Boarding house team makes the priorities clear and easy to follow. Poor time management and disorganisation can create stress and emotion that can negatively affect golf and life performance, so mastering these skills during the teenage years is a superb and extremely helpful skill to own for the rest of their lives.