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School News: The Sotogrande International School (SIS) is happy to announce the recruitment of its new head of boarding.




Charles Debenham

Appointment of a new head of boarding

 Charles Debenham is appointed as Head of Boarding from September 2015. Charles will be leaving his current position as Deputy Housemaster at St John’s College Cambridge where he has completed a very successful five years. He is now extremely excited about transitioning back to the International Sector in which he has had previous experience of working and studying throughout Australia, Finland, South Korea and Spain. He shall take up residence to lead boarding at the San Roque campus with his Spanish wife, Elisa, and their two young daughters. The San Roque Campus being a friendly, secure, comfortable environment which aims to provide the best pastoral care with excellent facilities for a wide range of international student from around the world.

San Roque Campus is more than just a boarding house; it is a lifestyle and experience, which enriches and enhances children’s education at all levels. If students have a particular passion they want to pursue, be it golf, kite surfing, journalism, drama or languages, facilities will be provided alongside, time and space to be able to reach the highest level of attainment. We will also offer mentoring, support and time to excel to their best of their academic ability.
Sports, cultural activities and excursions are organised after supper and during the weekends allowing the boarders to play, have fun, open their minds, continue their learning journey, follow their passions and make friends for life.

The San Roque boarding also hosts Easter and summer camps:

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