Sotogrande International School hosts a National Geographic Science Lesson

Nineteen P5 and P6 students had the fantastic opportunity to attend a two-day workshop with guest scientist Mr Aaron MacLeod from National Geographic. The topic explored was climate change and our students took part in lots of fun inquiry-based investigations.

Climate Change Experiments

We carried out many experiments to discover more about climate change, the wind and pressure and how it is related to the sea. Students learnt many new and interesting facts including how the climate changes, high and low pressure, how the currents work and what makes the wind. In one of the experiments we made a cloud in a bottle, and when we squeezed the bottle it had high pressure and was clear and when we left it, it had low pressure and it was steamy. This is how our Earth’s weather/climate works. It is cloudy and windy when the pressure is low and clear and sunny when the pressure is high. We also learnt that water swirls a different way depending on which side of the Equator you are on. This is called the Coriolis effect. The water swirls counterclockwise on the Northern Hemisphere and Clockwise on the Southern Hemisphere. We had lots of fun while learning and doing these experiments!

The P5 and P6 students concluded that we, as humans, are the main cause of climate change, and we must all take action to stop this.

Student Reflections:

We had a marvellous time with the great professor. We managed to learn numerous things about climate change and weather. Mr Aaron came to visit our school all the way from Australia. He works at Jason Learning from the National Geographic and Gateways Education. (Jasmine & Aashika)

I found the experience very interesting. The whole workshop was planned to be really fun but we still learned loads. I most enjoyed the current flow experiment; we blew into water to see how winds affect surface currents. (Miki)

I thought that the workshop was very interesting. I think it is very important to learn a lot about science. The workshop was really fun so I hope I can do it again. (Ava)

I learnt lots of new things,e.g. The Carbon Cycle. The best part was playing interesting games and everyone enjoyed teasing Mr Aaron! (Aashika)

Lisa Kearney, Science Teacher & Leader of Learning Science
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