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When SIS and MMI Music jointly set up the SIMA Recording Studio at SRC a couple of years ago, Paul Templeton asked SIMA’s Paul Sedkowski what would the academy’s long-term goals be. Paul S answered without much hesitation: “How about we shoot for a Grammy?”. Rather than laugh, Paul T thought this was a great, if audacious, idea!

SIMA’s formal objective is to provide enhanced music lessons (voice, piano, etc) as well as introduce its students to a professional recording studio. The most ambitious and talented young artists might then be selected for more advanced development and even a possible parallel music career, to go with their academic pursuits. No other general education school that we’re aware of provides anything as ambitious as this, that we’re aware of.

2018 started in good form for SIMA. Two of its (so far) four professional development artists landed international recording contracts and one has already been released. The others’ deals are just around the corner.

Karina Shishkina (D2) – marketed by her UK Management company, DJL, as KARISHA – saw her first European release with SoundzGood/Decca Holland in January 2018 with a song “Tears In The Rain (Dance Mix)” which climbed up to #11 in the dance charts and faded from the chart only just a couple of weeks ago.




The label (SG) is now preparing a follow-up dance release, but even while they’re at it, another record label, E-traxx/Warner NL, have signed a pop record deal with DJL for Karina’s song “Tittle Tattle”, scheduled for worldwide release on June 16, 2018! They have also projected up to 6 follow-up releases over the next year or so.


Congratulations, Karina! This will be a rather unique graduation present for you and – perhaps – get SIMA one step closer to its goal!




Meanwhile, another of SIMA’s pro-development artists, Ellie Gonzalvez (marketed as CHIA), has also got a record deal! They’re currently preparing European releases for her with a target launch set for end of May. SIMA is also looking forward to two more deals before the end of this school year, for its other two “pro dev” artists, Sean Russell and Thomas de la Rosa (a.k.a. TJ Jenkins). Stay tuned for more details, coming soon.


In other news, SIMA has just introduced a new initiative called “Junior A&R” (or “A&R Club”), which aims to teach young would-be music experts how record companies evaluate music and artists for potential release. “A&R” stands for “Artist and Repertoire” and is the common job title given to the decision makers at record companies.  See more here www.anrclub.com.

As the current development artists at SIMA are preparing for their respective launches, MMI is restarting its search for the NEXT candidates for professional development. SIMA offers two custom programs for the most ambitious and focused artists: “Early Development” and “Pro Development” (invitation only). Please inquire at SISMusic@sis.gl.

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