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Our Middle School education near Malaga caters to 11-16-year-olds across five year groups: M1 to M5. The MYP offers an incredibly robust, diverse and vibrant journey, and serves as a fundamental bridge between Primary and Upper school. The Middle School is a platform for our students to achieve their dreams through academic successes, community service, technological events, experiential learning trips, sports participation, arts exhibitions, and music and drama performances.

Why Choose Our Middle School near Malaga?

Headteacher of Sotogrande Middle School

Secondary Education relies on strong partnerships between the student, school and parents/guardians. This partnership is essential if students are to become creative, critical and reflective learners.

During the Middle School years, our students focus on 10 key areas which align with the IB learner profile and connect to our Mission and Educational Goals.

  1. Become a lifelong learner - Learn ‘how to learn’ using communication, research, self-management, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills.
  2. Learn by doing and experiencing – The MYP curriculum provides opportunities for student service in action. Through the MYP Community Project in particular, our Middle School students learn to contribute to their community while connecting classroom teaching to ‘real life’.
  3. The MYP structure encourages critical thinking – Students learn how to analyse and evaluate issues, generate novel ideas, and consider new perspectives.
  4. Explore global challenges – the MYP content helps to increase understanding of the world by exploring globally-significant ideas and issues.
  5. Learn for understanding –The MYP’s objectives are focused on the process of learning, as opposed to memorising facts or topics to prepare for exams.
  6. Train yourself to – organise and plan work, meet deadlines, concentrate, bounce back from setbacks, persist, think positively.
  7. Subjects are not taught in isolation, but in interdisciplinary units – Staff and students are encouraged to make connections between subject content.
  8. The MYP empowers students to develop their talents – Students feel empowered to demonstrate what they know and achieve their potential. MYP Flexible Pathways HB and Extracurricular activities HB
  9. Middle School prepares students for future education – Students are adequately prepared for the IB Diploma Programme, additional IB courses, the High School Diploma, and Elitesport.
  10. The MYP encourages international-mindedness – Students appreciate their own culture and personal history, as well as the values and traditions of others.


Best Secondary education in Sotogrande

The Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) provided by the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization, works through active methodologies that encourage inquiry. Students studying the course gain enormous benefits: it increases their interest, autonomy and commitment to studying, while deepening conscious learning and thoughtfulness. By default, our Secondary School students in Sotogrande acquire the skills to participate actively and responsibly in their community, and in an increasingly globalised and complex world.

Languages in MYP curriculum in Sotogrande

Languages in MYP Programme

Our English Secondary School in Sotogrande offers a multilingual environment that allows our students to navigate communication challenges with the support of native English teachers.

When our students arrive from Primary School, they are fully prepared to continue building their knowledge with a first-class secondary education. Students joining our school from another educational centre will gain the necessary tools to reach the expected level for their year, so that they can shine.

Sotogrande Secondary School teachers


At our Secondary School in Sotogrande, we have extensive, proven experience in delivering cutting-edge education. Our secondary teachers are perfectly qualified to guide students through the continuous IB curriculum pathway via personalised and autonomous learning, while the appropriate teaching methods are employed to support students during collaborative and independent project work. Faculty members apply the latest pedagogical methodologies to integrate technology and languages in the classroom purposefully.

Technology in Sotogrande Middle School classrooms

Middle School Facilities

As an Apple Distinguished School, students in the secondary education stage at Sotogrande will have access to the high-spec technology. Digital programmes and learning apps are carefully selected according to students’ needs and ages at this level.

The Secondary School’s modern academic facilities offer the opportunity to grow and develop. Modern physical and digital resources aim to support day-to-day in-class lessons and are part of the holistic education experience we provide, both inside and outside the classroom environment.

Sotogrande sports academy for Secondary School students

Middle School Activities


As a Secondary School dedicated to personalised learning, we aim to help Middle and High School students discover and pursue their passions. Students are encouraged to develop skills in their lessons and beyond the classroom. If an additional activity is not listed here but really makes you tick, let us know and we will try to add it into our list of options: we believe fulfilled children are more inclined to work to the best of their ability, and wish to support them in doing so.

Secondary School Extracurricular Activities

Additional Services Offered in Secondary School

Colegio con diferentes rutas de autobus

Bus Routes

For the convenience of our students, we provide an extensive bus service so that those that travel to Sotogrande can access our facilities safely and on time. Bus routes cover the areas of Tarifa, Gibraltar, Nueva Andalucía and Estepona, and offer the option of a round trip, or a single journey in fully-equipped buses for your comfort.

Colegio con menu casero

Dining Room Service

Our dining room service is available to all students, with onsite catered meals and self-service options. Our school kitchen prepares all food with fresh products that are cooked on the school premises. Our dining room staff aim to deliver a variety of meals that are of the best quality.

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