My M1 Personal Challenge – Aiden

Personal Challenge Rules

This year was the first year that M1 students did a  personal challenge. The idea was that we all learned a new skill, it could be anything we wanted to do. One thing about these challenges is that it had to be something that we had never done or studied. So it couldn’t be something like I have grade 2 piano, I want to get grade 4. It had to be completely fresh and something we had never done before. We then had to commit to practising and track our own progress – with no pushing from our teachers or parents, this challenge was all about us!

My Challenges

We learned about the Personal Challenge Project in September and were told that we had a month to decide on what we were going to do, and to make a presentation on what we had accomplished so far.

Towards the end of September we had a memory man come in whose name was David Thomas. In 1998, he set the Guinness World Record of reciting pi to 22, 500 digits. He gave me the idea to do one of my challenges which was to memorise every capital city in the world.

Each student has their own personal challenge. Mine (Aiden) was a combination of 3 different challenges all completely separate from one another. I was the only kid in M1 to do 3 different challenges! There are varieties of challenges among the whole year group. My 3 challenges are to learn every capital city in the world, the German alphabet and do a Ukulele debut. 

M1 Personal Challenge

My Ukulele

My Progress

I started these challenges with no idea of what to do, so I made plans. Each month I made a new plan of what do that month. Which days I got off. Which things I had to learn in what day. It has been hard for me to maintain these challenges but finally they are finally getting to where they should be.

I feel that the ukulele and the capital cities are the hardest, there are 196 different cities, I’ve learnt about 140. For the ukulele, I have my exam on Thursday and feel like it should go well. The German alphabet has been the easiest.

Aiden, M1





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