Learning Languages Opens Doors

Learning languages opens doors

In today’s globalized world, the ability to communicate in more than one language is an indisputable advantage. In business, international trade demands that professionals maintain working relationships with companies around the world. In previous decades English has been used as the international language, however, there are other languages that are reaching an undeniable importance in the business world, such as Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Global Citizenship

In the case of Spanish, many Spanish-speaking countries are starting to offer new business opportunities due to considerable economic growth, strengthening their political stability and implementing favourable business policies.  These countries offer many positive factors from the viewpoint of international trade and investment. English as a second language, however, is not widespread among the population of these countries, possibly due to the geographic and economic isolation. Foreign companies whose employees speak Spanish have a distinct advantage when opening subsidiaries in these countries.

Furthermore, from a Global Citizenship perspective of social relations and understanding the world and its cultural diversity, the ability to converse in several languages opens our minds and facilitates interculturality. Whilst we show respect for the speakers of a particular country or region, speaking their language opens doors to friendships and allows us to appreciate subtle aspects of their culture.

Learning of languages at SIS

At Sotogrande International School (SIS) we encourage the learning of languages from the point of view of linguistic and cultural interaction, with the use of the target language, both inside and outside the classroom. The mental exercise involved in changing from one language to another has been proven to be beneficial for students, developing mental agility and favouring linguistic fluency. Through fun and interactive activities, in addition to more formal assessments, students are exposed to languages in different manifestations, orally or in writing, with the ultimate goal of achieving bilingualism.

Learning Language at Sotogrande International School

Finally, and for all of the above reasons, the ability to speak one or more foreign languages is one of the fundamental tools of, what we consider to be, a global learner. At SIS we educate students to become citizens of the future, open-minded communicators who overcome linguistic and cultural barriers.

Rocío Ruiz Burgos
Spanish, French & Leader of Learning Language Acquisition



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