M5 French Language students take us on a tour of SIS

M5 French students have been working on the unit Le Lycée. The unit looks at various aspects related to a school: location, the number of students, syllabus and subjects studied, uniform rules and debates about whether they enjoy wearing a uniform or not. Students also get to discover what a French secondary school is like and how it compares to theirs.

End of unit assessment, French Language

At the end of the unit, the students were asked to prepare a video in the form of a documentary or an interview presenting Sotogrande International School. They worked together in groups to prepare questions for their interviews and then created a video describing their finding on the school’s facilities, uniform, subjects and daily routines.

The interviews and documentaries were presented in French enabling students to practise their speaking skills as well as using technology skills to record, edit and produce the final piece of work. Some students included French songs and in some cases even added subtitles in French!

Self and peer assessment

The students had to assess and grade their own video along with the work of the other groups using MYP  criterion C and D out of 8 points. Criterion C and D look at language, vocabulary, ideas, examples, pronunciation and tone of voice.

The winners!

Well done to Eduardo, Sara, Laura W and Alaya’s video on being the number one choice of the M5 class. Bravo!

Watch the winning video here

Every group produced fantastic work. Encore bravo à tous les élèves mais surtout aux gagnants.

Emilie Bosson, French Language Teacher
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