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And so the time came to finally write a blog…..

The Language and Literature team have finally bowled headlong into the 21st Century domain of the bloggers. Our aim is to use the online medium as a platform to share our thoughts and ideas regarding the world of Language and Literature. As the Leader of Learning for this team, I often ponder the importance of literacy and how this is encouraged and nurtured in a time where the emoji would suffice and a minimal tweet would do. I question whether a screen is a substitute for a book, whether a keyboard is more efficient than a pen. As the debates rage on, it always brings me back to basics – reading and the art of communication. In the days of old, many a time would be spent sharing tall tales of bravery, heroism, happiness and sorrow, all stories shared by word of mouth. Stories which with time are committed to paper, sheaves turning into pages, pages becoming books. Magical gifts which can be passed down through generations.

It’s never too soon to pick up a book!

Here at SIS, literacy is nurtured in the nursery school through the learning of phonics supported by a ‘real books’ approach. By the time students come to us in the secondary school the foundations of reading and writing are in place, ready to be fortified by our team, each one of us passionate about the evolving world of Language and Literature.

Our MYP and DP curricula in various languages are devised to enable the exploration of a range of genres in each year group. Our team introduce non-literary texts from a wide range of media sources as well as traditional and modern classical works. All are selected to promote lively discussion, open minds and inspire creative reading and writing opportunities. Our aim is to ensure a range of themes and concepts are covered; elements which will assist the intellectual growth of our students. We strive to encourage understanding the issues found in local, national and global communities, therefore fostering multicultural perspectives.

It’s not always as simple as ABC

Not all students find reading and writing easy; challenges are faced sensitively and strategies are established to help support the students to overcome these challenges. No obstacle is insurmountable in the quest for literacy. Many of us remember a literary work which stirred our imagination and emotions in our formative years – whether we found reading easy or not.

What was the most impressionable work that you read when you were a child/teen? We’d love for you to share your favourite titles with us.

Lisa Stone 
Leader of Learning, Language & Literature 
Meet the team

The Language and Literature team is truly diverse, made up of highly dedicated teachers with a wealth of experience gathered from schools around the world. We are all native speakers and aim to share our love of language in English, Russian, Estonian, Spanish, and French.

Lisa Stone

Language and LiteratureI make no apology for admitting that I prefer leafing through the pages of a book to the sleek feel of a kindle. Something magical happens with the sensory experience of opening a book for the first time; a play, a diary, poetry anthology, a blockbuster, pulp fiction or a classic, I’ll give anything a go. I just love to read. I’ve tried to instil this love in my own children as well as your children before me each day, but as I’ve discovered, not everyone finds reading a simple pleasure. Some have to work hard to un-scrabble the letters as they jump and dance on a page, some get lost in the dark print of stories with meanings that twist and turn out of their reach and some simply just don’t want to read. Not yet…One of the most rewarding things in working here at SIS with a dynamic team is that between us, we aim to make our teaching and learning environment welcoming, fun, with a positive energy.

“We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” — Philip Pullman

Tracey Willock Maes

Language and LiteratureHello everyone! I love chocolate and I love teaching in the Language and Literature department at SIS – I have it all – enthusiastic and hardworking colleagues with a font of knowledge and enthusiastic and hardworking students with an eagerness to develop their knowledge and understanding. I find it truly rewarding to provide students opportunities for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation to cultivate their communication skills through the study of language and literature. I have taught in England, Ibiza and Brunei and here at SIS in Primary First, Primary and am currently teaching MYP and DP in Secondary. The most important advice I can impart to my students is READ, read then read some more – be greedy for reading! It is the key to success.

Kate Hoad

Language and LiteratureI’m a reader. Books are my obsession. I can’t even eat breakfast without reading the cereal packet. Some people might think it’s odd, but for me a good book is the one place where anything can happen. The words are tangible, edible and infinite. The only thing that worries me is that there will never be enough time to read everything. Perhaps that’s why I teach. Seeing the faces of my kids enthralled by the books that we read, and smelling the pages of a new novel, makes me realise that they are just at the start of their adventures. Sometimes they even moan at the end of the lesson when we have to stop reading! But they’ve got their whole lives ahead of them to read whatever they want, for as long as they want and as long as they keep reading, I feel I’ve done a good job.

Viktoria Sokolova

Language and LiteratureI am a Russian teacher with a 23-year experience in the field of language teaching both at secondary and tertiary levels. My current job involves teaching Russian as a Language A at MYP and IBDP level. My passion lies in teaching Academic writing and text analysis. I am a great believer in the importance of speaking more than one language as it broadens one’s mind and horizons.

Я – учитель русского языка с 23-летним опытом в области преподавания языков в сфере среднего и высшего образования. Моя нынешняя работа связана с преподаванием русского языка как родного на уровне MYP и IBDP в международной школе. При обучении языкам очень важно обращать внимание школьников на стандарты академического письма и технику комплексного анализа художественного текста. Я также верю, что владение несколькими языками расширяет наш кругозор и культуру мышления.

Pete Lawrence

Language and LiteratureI have enjoyed a long, productive and inspiring career teaching English Language and Literature, from a role as Key Stage3 English

Co-ordinator at a large comprehensive school in the UK to my current post here at SIS and status as an International Baccalaureate teacher and examiner. My particular passion is for the teaching of literature, and I am still enthused and enthralled by its power to inspire students to explore untapped creative potential and to make a positive difference in the world.


Jane McCann

Language and Literature

My earliest memory of enjoying books is being snuggled up with my mother reading Dr Seuss´s infamous book ´Green Eggs and Ham´. The spark was ignited, and my love of language and literature continues to burn to this day.  Escaping into a book in this hectic, technology driven world we live in is one of life´s simple pleasures and one I have hopefully imparted to my students in a career spanning over 20 years. Inspired by those initial words of wisdom from Dr Seuss:´The more that you read, the more that you know. The more that you learn, the more places you´ll go´ has led my family to being here, in Sotogrande where our exciting journey continues.   

Lourdes Villafranca

Language and LiteratureMe llamo Lourdes Villafranca y soy profesora de Lengua y literatura española.

Me Licencié en la Universidad de Granada, en Filología Hispánicas y también obtuve la Diplomatura en Educación Secundaria con la especialidad en Lengua Española e Idiomas Modernos.

Creo firmemente en el aprendizaje colaborativo, en la investigación basada en proyectos y en el marco educativo de IB (Bachillerato Internacional).

Me inspira y estimula el conocimiento y el entendimiento intercultural, ayudar a nuestros alumnos a que se conozcan mejor a sí mismos, que descubran sus intereses, sus talentos y habilidades y por supuesto la acción social como una contribución positiva a nuestro mundo.

Finalmente, mis aficiones e intereses tienen que ver con la literatura, y el teatro. Amo mi profesión y ha sido la elección más acertada que he hecho en mi vida.

Jorge Antunez

Language and Literature

Currently recovering from a minor operation. We wish Jorge a speedy recovery.

Jorge has been a long-standing member of the Language and Literature team, teaching Spanish to M1 students. Warm and friendly, Jorge supports the learning of literature through the IDUs introducing numerous creative writing opportunities as well as encouraging students to begin recognising the more formal demands of academic writing.

Javier Orozco

Language and Literature


I like to apply the things that I would have enjoyed as a child. It’s a challenge for me to convince others that lessons can be done differently, by leaving the traditional textbooks behind to work on more creative projects.


Alejandro Tortolero

I graduated from the University of Granada, and since then I have been passionately dedicated to the teaching of language, literature and humanities, and have worked for several years in different countries around Europe. Currently here at SIS, I consider myself fortunate to work in this wonderful school.

Emilie Bosson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

SISBonjour! Je m’appelle Emilie Bosson et je suis une ancienne élève de SIS ! J’enseigne le français comme première langue (Littérature Langue A) et deuxième langue (Langue B). J’ai la chance d’enseigner ces deux matières et de transmettre aux élèves l’amour de la littérature et de la culture française à travers des cours préparés pour le besoin de chacun de manière interactive.



Kini de Vargas Pérez

Language and LiteratureSoy Miss Kini, formo parte del SIS desde el año 1982, sí ,digo formo parte ,no trabajo, puesto que formar parte de este colegio es la experiencia más enriquecedora que haya  podido tener en mi vida como docente y  esto no ha supuesto  para mí un trabajo, más bien una oportunidad de realizar lo que más me gusta” Enseñar y aprender”

A lo largo de todos estos años he compartido todos los cambios que hemos tenido en el SIS y puedo decir que cada cambio ha sido para mejorar el anterior atendiendo a las necesidades y circunstancias del momento.


Please feel free to contact any one of our team to discover more about what we offer here in the Sotogrande Language and Literature department. E-mail enquiries to


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