Kiss the Casbah 2017

It is said that the people who actually achieve things are the ones who take concepts and ideas out of the hazy land of imagination and make them become reality. That is exactly what happened a decade ago when Mr Lawrence first started the Kiss the Casbah event. Like so many other events at SIS, this night of entertainment and feasting serves a specific purpose; to help the community in Asni, Morocco.  Besides providing the funds necessary to make a change, the labour and perseverance required to plan, set up and run the event instil valuable traits in the people involved and open up a completely new view on many of the things we consider rudimentary.

D1’s take control of organising Kiss the Casbah

On the 17th of February of this year, the class of D1 organised the 10th annual Kiss the Casbah event. This included D1’s to organise all of the marketing, decoration and accounts amongst many other elements that were required for this night to be a success. The night was filled with great musical performances and traditional Moroccan cuisine, all prepared and performed by SIS students.  The night raised an outstanding figure just shy of €4,000. All of the funds raised from this event will be taken to Asni with D1 on their CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) trip in March. The meticulous preparation resulted in a truly magical night of food and music, which attracted more than 400 people.

Hassan joins the celebrations

Hassan from the Tiwizi Association in Asni at Kiss the Casbah

Hassan from the Tiwizi Association in Asni

Of course, the entire event would be nothing more than a fancy evening if the people attending had not spent their time and money to participate. This is what really makes the difference and allows the SIS community to support those in need.  It was an especially significant ‘Kiss the Casbah’ as Hassan from the Tiwizi Association in Asni came to Spain to attend the 10th anniversary of the event.  His visit further enhanced the importance of this anniversary and also gave valuable insights into the sustainable produce of Saffron and Honey, not to mention the educational tourism into the small town of Asni providing a hand-up rather than a handout to the community. All in all, this is what the event was about, to make a difference and raise awareness. We, the D1 year group and everyone associated with the event, would like to extend our sincere thanks for helping to make this event a success for our and Asni’s community. We hope to continue working together to support future events in our partnership.

Written by D1 students Isabel Tate and Patrick Kobriger.




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