Choosing an International School in Spain

Everything You Need to Know

Are you interested in applying to an international school, but do not know which one to choose? Do you want to know the advantages of studying at an international school and whether it is really worth it? The interactive, multicultural, and bilingual education offered at our international school is priceless, and we aim to answer all of your questions so you can find out why.

Our practical guide below outlines everything you may wish to consider before choosing an international school.

What is an International School in Spain

What is an International School in Spain?

An international school is not a school with branches in several countries, but rather, it is a school with an international education system. It is also a school with a global approach, which transcends purely academic matters.

Here are some common qualities of an international school:

  • Global perspective
  • Bilingualism
  • Multiculturalism
  • Innovative and cutting-edge education system
  • Access to the best universities in the world

Enrolling your children in an international school will open the door to excellent academic and human development at all levels.

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How to Choose International Schools in Spain

The Difference Between an International School and a Bilingual School

An international school extends beyond bilingualism, although this is generally an aspect of the school's provision. Most international schools offer the opportunity to learn more than one language at a native level.

Many parents do not want to limit their children's education to academic tuition. An international school is an excellent option for families that want their child to develop in several areas. Not only do they offer core subjects in English and other languages, but they also build communication skills.

Some international schools provide a wealth of extracurricular activities to enhance personal growth. For example, an international school may offer the best choice if you want your child to study mathematics, linguistics, sports and the performing arts. International schools aim to educate students by following a holistic approach as they understand that their future success will depend on high-quality education at all levels.

Benefits of Studying in an International School in Spain

International education offers a number of benefits. Here are some worth highlighting: 


Firstly, the school is bilingual, which means that the second language is used in studies and students’ day-to-day routine, with some subjects taught in Spanish. The use of two languages as native languages helps the neuroplasticity of students from their earliest age.

It also favours their ability to adapt and other cognitive benefits. Lastly, and as a fundamental point, it is a way to ensure mastering an international language in order to have more academic and professional options in their adult life.

Global Perspective

Students at an international school broaden their horizons beyond their city and country. The whole curriculum, teachers, peers, and the overall educational experience integrates a broad world view in all aspects and stages of development.

Thanks to this, students have the opportunity to grow up in a diverse and cosmopolitan environment, which allows them to develop curiosity, which pushes their learning further. Additionally, having an open perspective will enable them to adapt easily and be flexible in the future in a changing, international world.

International Education in Spain

What to Look For When Choosing an International School

There can often be questions about what to consider when selecting a good international school for your children. Firstly, the school's international curriculum and top positions in national and world rankings should be considered. However, one must bear in mind that education should address every aspect of a child's development at each stage of their life as a student.

Below are some aspects that may vary from one international school to another:

  • Educational systems and methodologies
  • School values and culture
  • Facilities and extracurricular activities
  • Pedagogical counselling, university counselling

Other Services:

  • Student services, including psychological and pastoral support
  • Keeping these points in mind can help you choose the right international school for your child.
Languages at International Schools in Spain

What Language Will My Child Speak in an International School?

International schools aim to naturally integrate the use of two official languages into daily practice. For example, if it is an international school in Spain with English, your child will be encouraged to use both languages in and out of the classroom.

International School Facilities

Boarding International Schools: Pros and Cons

Some international schools include accommodation for students to live in. A student may attend a boarding school for some or all of the educational process.

International students who also live at the school have some advantages that should be appreciated. Firstly, they have access to a comprehensive international experience, which extends beyond classroom hours. They also have access to rewarding extracurricular activities and excursions at the weekends and holidays.

As a parent, it is worth bearing in mind that an international boarding school encourages autonomy and responsibility in children from an early age. Students learn to be organised and independent and will conduct many personal and day-to-day tasks with guidance. In addition, their cultural and linguistic immersion is much greater than those who only attend school during day school hours.

Classes at International Schools

Advantages of Choosing an International School in Costa del Sol

If you are looking for an international school near Málaga, Marbella, or Estepona, you have an excellent option for your child's well-rounded education. Whether you live close to the Costa del Sol or have decided to send your child to boarding school for other reasons, SIS is ready to welcome your child to our high-quality, prestigious international school.

Choosing an international school on the Costa del Sol, like Sotogrande International School, offers many advantages due to its privileged location. Students can enjoy the warm climate by taking part in outdoor activities, participating in sports activities, and going on trips to the surrounding areas. Additionally, as schools in the local region have a high level of security, parents can be assured of their children's safety.

Students of International School


In a bilingual school, a second language is used in some lessons and as part of a student’s day-to-day routine. For example, at SIS, our main language of instruction is English, while some subjects are taught in Spanish, our secondary language. Learning two native languages from an early age enhances the neuroplasticity of children, providing many cognitive benefits while gaining familiarity with a wide range of vocabulary.

A dual language system also encourages students to adapt to different environments. Fundamentally, mastering an additional international language may increase access to academic and professional options as children progress in the years after school.

Benefits of International Schools

Global Perspective

An international school may broaden students' horizons beyond their native city and country. The overall educational experience - including the holistic curriculum, native-speaking teachers, and a diverse community of peers - helps to integrate a broad worldview into all aspects of learning to support each stage of development.

Because of a broadened perspective, international school attendees have the opportunity to grow up in a diverse and cosmopolitan environment. This allows them to develop curiosity, which pushes their learning further. Additionally, having an open perspective will enable them to adapt quickly to a fast-changing, global world.

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International School community

International Community

In an international school, there are students from all over the world. Therefore, if your child studies in this type of school, he or she will have classmates from different countries. A diverse learning environment provides significant cultural, ideological, and human experiences, which will support your child's development.

Values, such as tolerance and companionship, can be easily fostered at an international school. This is because students and teachers from different countries come together to celebrate their languages, cultures, ethnicities, and ways of seeing life.

Language diversity is one of the most significant aspects of international school tuition, especially regarding English language development. Having students from all over the world makes it possible to learn English throughout the school environment regardless of the accent or variation of English spoken by English teachers. Students may learn British English or American English, depending on their school, as different countries have different ways of pronouncing words and speaking this international language.


Technology at an International School

Qualified Teachers with Access to Innovative Methodologies

Teachers at international schools are highly qualified and are selected for their first-class knowledge and skills. Moreover, they receive continuous training in teaching methods and practices. As a result, students have the advantage of being able to benefit from the most innovative teaching techniques.

International School opportunities

International Opportunities

A student at an international school can access valuable experiences during their education. For example, exchanges with schools in other countries may allow them to continue their academic schedule while broadening their horizons and improving their language skills by spending time away from home.

Studying at an international school allows children to dream big and fulfil their dreams of studying abroad in England, the United States, France, etc. Overseas travel may be achieved after completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) methodology. International education is education without limits: a wide range of opportunities are presented to enable individuals to thrive for a lifetime.

Additionally, university entrance exams are internationally-recognised at an international school. Thus, good qualifications may open the doors to a fulfilling professional future. Being able to apply for top jobs at a global level, thanks to previous study and the acquisition of native English, can be a fundamental legacy for your child's future.


International Schools with academic prestige

Academic Prestige

Lastly, an added advantage of enrolling children in an international school is that many are highly prestigious with reputations for offering world-class education. International recognition of quality gives parents peace of mind and guarantees their children will be given every chance to excel.

Why Sotogrande International School is the Best Option for International Education

Choosing Sotogrande International School means choosing first-class quality. It is one of the best schools in Spain, as well as in Europe.

As an international school, SIS’s doors are open to children from the age of 4 months, offering the prestigious International Baccalaureate system from 3 to 18 years of age. The school's objective is to prepare students effectively so that they achieve exceptional academic results from the earliest stages of their education.

The school, located on the Costa del Sol, has first-class facilities. Students may take advantage of the school campus' picturesque natural environment with a perfect climate for maximum enjoyment all year round.

International School in Spain with technology

Who Can Attend an International School?

You may not be sure if your son or daughter can attend an international school. In reality, these schools are open to everyone; however, you should remember that they strive for excellence, which requires a commitment from all parents and students to have strong academic, linguistic, cultural, and human foundations in order to attend.

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Apply to an International School in Spain

How to Begin the Application Process & Register at an International School

If you are inclined towards an international school for your child, it may be helpful to gain an understanding of the registration process. You may need clarification about the age at which your child can start studying at an international school and other requirements for entry. View the steps below for guidance when choosing an international school in Spain.

1. It may be helpful to register your interest and visit the school and its facilities to gain a first-hand sense of its atmosphere and teaching approach. This will help you make a well-informed decision before you begin your application, keeping in mind that this is a crucial step in your child's life.

2. It is imperative to remember how beneficial early years access is; such a decision should be completed as early as possible. International bilingual education at the earliest stage is an essential factor in achieving maximum fluency and long-term competency with a foreign language. It also enables children to benefit from our exceptional educational methodologies to the fullest extent.

3. Parents may be left without a place for their children if they delay the application process; therefore, it is crucial to consider the international school options that are available to you as soon as possible.