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Studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the South of Spain, near Malaga, is the best option for high-quality learning. This prestigious system offers a complete education to 3 to 18-year-olds, comprising curricular components and non-academic elements.

Students who require access to a high-quality educational system while living in Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, Nueva Andalusia, Tarifa may find our bus service helpful. We don’t want any student to be left without the option of gaining the best education in the South of Spain.

Benefits of the IB Programme

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Wide Variety of Subjects

Unlike other systems, the International Baccalaureate offers courses from six different subject groups to increase students’ breadth of knowledge and understanding.

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IB students are explorative, curious people, who investigate their own interests to build upon their knowledge. To achieve autonomy, students must learn to control and manage their independent study-time - an ability that our students learn instinctively. Organisation is a skill that will be of great benefit when they embark on their university education.

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Experiential Learning

IB learners participate in CAS: Creativity, Activity, Service. The function of this course is that students learn and act in the service of others in an experiential way. CAS helps develop students into conscientious, motivated and committed individuals.

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The International Baccalaureate Programme requires students to develop advanced research and organisational skills that provide great benefits, both in the present and in their future university and professional careers.

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The Challenge

The IB is an academically-rigorous programme. It is tremendously challenging and inspiring, and allows students to shine with a deeper awareness of their abilities. IB learners gain a high level of confidence that helps them throughout their lives.

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Personal Growth

IB programme participants gain: the autonomy to approach different perspectives; the freedom to express their own ideas and opinions; the ability to balance academics with extracurricular options; the ability to learn through practical experience, and an understanding of how to manage their own time and efforts. Among many other skills, those listed above allow IB students to achieve a high degree of personal growth.

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Access to the Best Universities

Graduates of the IB Diploma have great opportunities when selecting higher education institutions. They are admitted to the best and most prestigious universities nationally and internationally after completing the globally recognised programme.

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Why Choose Our IB School in the South of Spain?

Our International Baccalaureate Programme near Malaga encourages students to be reflective, self-directed, assertive, empathetic and open-minded. Academic excellence is at the heart of our educational provision, and from a young age, children are inspired to learn in a natural and explorative way.

As an IB school in Sotogrande delivering the IB Continuum Programme, our teachers empower students with enduring values and an internationally-recognised education that opens the door to universities and careers worldwide. Students are highly supported at every level of their studies and become well-rounded people who can achieve their dreams.

IB Programmes

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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

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Middle Years Programme (MYP)

IB diploma schools in Sotogrande

IB Diploma Programme

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IB Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and provide exceptional training in the IB Continuum Programme.

They are passionate people who possess open, globally-focused mindsets, and are dedicated, creative and well-educated. They embody the values of the school and, in turn, aim to promote intercultural understanding.

Teacher-led classes are taught in a dynamic way, giving rise to debate and the exchange of ideas and opinions for students to acquire knowledge through experience.

Our IB teaching staff are comprehensive educators who, in addition to a commitment to strong academic support, offer additional guidance in order to help develop responsible and empathic team players, and respectful group leaders.

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