How will the Arts get you the job you want?

“It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with liberal arts…that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

Steve Jobs, introducing the iPad 2 in 2011


The words soft skills are currently trending in big industries, business and education initiatives. To be frank, I dislike this terminology as it could be associated with ‘soft option’ thereby providing a completely wrong impression of the Arts as a rigorous academic subject. In my opinion, they should be re-labeled essential skills. However I digress, the fact is that the skills students learn in the Arts such as communication skills, decision-making, self-motivation, time management, leadership skills, teamwork, creativity and problem solving etc. are seen as absolutely indispensable in the workplace. If a student can master these skills they make a very desirable employee in any profession. Where do we simultaneously and naturally learn this wealth of skills if not in the Arts?


International School Arts

Poppy Jones, accomplished Grade 8 Clarinettist and DP Music student


It can be very surprising how many times you discover that someone in a top job has a musical background. This was experienced by ex-SIS student and Cambridge graduate Poppy Jones when applying to train as an accountant with Price Waterhouse. After 6 rounds of gruelling interviews, and many people being eliminated along the way, the final few successful candidates realised that the majority only really had one obvious thing in common – a very high standard of playing a musical instrument. This is probably because their musical training had developed lots of essential skills for the workplace, such as logical thinking, attention to detail, creativity, emotional understanding, communication skills, and least but certainly not last, a strong sense of commitment to a task in hand.





For all those economists & statisticians out there it should be noted that the Arts industry itself is the fastest growing sector. This can be from gaming design, directing the next big blockbuster movie to starring in a West end hit. Taking the UK as an example The Arts gross 80 billion GBP a year. That is 8 million pounds per hour.  That equates to about 3 million jobs (8.8% of the UK workforce) that need creative and confident applicants such as SIS is gifted at producing. That figure is increasing each year. In the USA 702,771 businesses are involved in the creation or distribution of the arts.

We know that those with passion never truly leave the world of the Arts behind them upon leaving Sotogrande. However we are particularly proud of our students who have found jobs in the Arts. Here are a handful that are thriving in the field…be inspired…we are!

Louise Burns – SIS Graduating class of 2006. 

PA for Andrew Lloyd Webber´s Really Useful Theatre Company. Just launched School of Rock in London.

International School Arts

Louise Burns

Sam Reynard  – SIS Graduating class of 2007

Director of Reynard Productions & Madhatter’s film camp

International School Arts

Sam Reynard

Find him on facebook at:


Lily Moore – SIS Graduating class of 2006

International School Arts

Lily Moore

Production assistant at Ridley Scott´s Production Company


Carl Mbao aka Chanda Mbao – Graduating class of 2007

Recording Artist – Miami & Zambia

International School Arts

Carl Mbao aka Chanda Mbao

See his work at:


Sophie Ward  – Graduating class of 2004

Junior Production Manager. Knickerbocker TV

International School Arts

Sophie Ward


Lizzy Moore – Graduating class of 2008

Art Director at Agency Advertising Creative at Lucky Generals

International School Arts

Ben Worsely – SIS Graduating class of 2009

Lead guitarist

International School Arts

Ben Worsely

Find him on:


Geneva Lane – SIS Graduating class of 2009

Training to be a music teacher

International School Arts

Geneva Lane


Becky Tate

Training to be a music teacher

International School Arts

Becky Tate


Chloe Lawrence

Songwriter, musician and vocalist

International School Arts

Chloe Lawrence

Find her on:


Kyle Rolph – Graduating class of 2014

Musician and vocalist

International School Arts

Kyle Rolph

Follow him on

Rowan Charleson – Graduating class of 2012

Freelance cinematographer and producer.

International School Arts

Rowan Charleson

Our very own Jamie Templeton – Graduating class of 2007

Acting coach at SIS and part of the directorial team for the Secondary Production of Bugsy Malone

International School Arts

Jamie Templeton

“Of course you take away knowledge of the subject, like any other subject, but no other subject truly makes you overcome so many fears and boundaries as in the arts. The Arts are where the real deep and personal learning takes place. I can’t think of many academic studies or professions that can resonate with the human soul like the arts.“ Jamie Templeton (2017)

As with all subjects, the fact that a student studies Art does not funnel them solely into an Arts related career. SIS both recognises and celebrates the fact that the skills set our students have learnt through their study of the Arts will help them open doors in whichever direction they wish to go.

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”–Albert Einstein

Christine Barling

Leader of Learning SIS Arts

DP Theatre & MYP Drama

This is the last of our Arts blogs. Thanks for supporting!

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