Global Citizenship Conference

IB Global Citizenship Conference

As Global Citizenship Coordinator for Sotogrande International School, I was invited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) to attend the IB Conference in The Hague 26-28th October 2017 to talk about our work exploring Global Citizenship with our community through the Global Citizenship Certification process that CIS has established.

IB schools from around the world were invited to learn more about Global Citizenship, how this could be integrated into school curriculums and how this looked at a number of different schools, of which SIS was one.  Using a mixture of case studies, video reports and interactive small group discussions, the presentation focused on how to engage the entire school community in activities which explore the knowledge, values and skills which are integral to the growth of intercultural competence, demonstrating why all good schools should have a shared understanding of global citizenship.

During the conference, I used video case studies to highlight the innovative and experiential work that we do at SIS.


Through consultation with the whole school community, we developed a definition of Global Citizenship. 

Global Citizenship at SIS means:

  • being aware of, learning about and understanding the world beyond ourselves; our planet,  all peoples and species with whom we share it;
  • demonstrating and promoting values of tolerance, respect and acceptance for all peoples, diverse cultures and beliefs;
  • taking responsibility to find and create local and global sustainable solutions for a more peaceful and united world.

Service Learning

Hand in hand with SIS’ student-led NGO, The Kindred Project, GCP students have access to practical volunteering opportunities. These experiences give them the chance to connect, work and build relationships with community members from different backgrounds, as well as allowing them to reflect deeply on their own purpose and role as change makers. All service learning opportunities are directly linked to the work developed during their GCP class.

By getting students to understand the different realities of the world we live in and ignite a spark in their minds to strive for the betterment of society through sustainable social entrepreneurial initiatives, we believe that students will not only be able to embrace and adapt to change, but also manage and influence it. Students will be learning the ins-and-outs of these types of businesses, as well as creating and running their own; all with the support and expertise of outside partners.

Council of International Schools (CIS) feedback

After the conference we received some really positive feedback about the work taking place at SIS from  Chris Durbin, Associate Director of School Support & Evaluation for CIS, who said ‘I would like to express my thanks to all at Sotogrande International School who have contributed and provided an excellent case study to accompany the CIS Workshop on Global Citizenship at the IB Conference last week. The videos of students and teachers were particularly poignant and thoughtful.´

Jane Larsson, Executive Director of CIS added ‘I’m writing to add my own encouragement for the Sotogrande school community as we witness all that you are learning through the Global Citizenship Certification process.

At the conference, Jen did a magnificent job of explaining the impact of the process on the school.  What a pleasure and honour it was for me to hear in person the impact of our work together. This is the kind of validation and inspiration that keeps us all moving forward with intent`.

You can learn more about the Global Citizenship Programme on our webpage.

Jennifer Liptrot







Global Citizenship Programme Coordinator

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