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In M1 as our 5th unit we got asked to make our own garden. We would have 6 weeks to complete the Garden Project. As a year group we chose to make it a permaculture garden. This means that we shall not waste materials and use any extra ground or water. We had some experts come over to explain to us what to do and how to use all of the materials we have. We had multiple groups such as vegetable and fruit, bridge, barbeque and many others.

Team fruit & veg!

Looking at it now the most successful group is the vegetable and fruit group. This was my group. The reason I think our group was more successful than the others was because of our great teamwork. We made sure everyone was working and this is why we got so much more done.

To complete our project we flattened out the leftover river in the ground and replaced it with a pipe to let the water through. We held a bake sale to collect money for plants. With this we managed to raise 80€ of which we used 40€ for plants and soil. Some girls brought horse manure from their horses to put on the ground. We bought many plants such as, apple, lemon, strawberry, mint, rosemary, tomato and lavender. We got plants that were already growing. On top of our area we placed some tires for stairs as the hill down there was quite steep.

Sotogrande International School - Garden Project

Garden Project

Other groups that did well were the greenhouse and the bridge. The greenhouse people got to building the structure and making sure it stayed in place. Whilst the bridge people have a weight taking bridge across the leftover river.

As we were taking such a long time doing this and making this a proper garden, to stay there for years. We chose to make this a start for the next year group. Now next years  M1’s can continue on what we started and get it to the finish.

What we learned

To plan our garden we had our journals. These journals have all our planning and pictures of the final product. I think this was a good practice for the future, stress, time management. We now understand how quick the time goes and how hard we need to work. This was such a useful experience.

Viola Halt M1

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