Fundamentals Nursery

Our experienced Fundamentals Team are passionate about young children’s development and education. The learning environment is calm and happy, and there are lots of green outdoor spaces to play in and explore. 

The development of individuals is key,  and children take part in Reggio Emilia inspired activities and experiences to develop their curiosity, creativity and confidence. 

From the first day, families are welcomed as part of the school community. We work to create strong bonds and a setting that feels like home. Education and development are important, but we know that nothing matters more than the safety, security and the health of your child.



From 4 months your baby will be guaranteed to enjoy a healthy, peaceful and fun atmosphere. They will be showered with
affection, love and tenderness to begin an inspirational, fulfilling learning journey.


Our toddlers are active, energetic and curious, who love to explore the class and play freely in our outdoor garden under the watchful eyes of our teachers.
Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of expressive activities. They are involved in environments that foster their creativity.


Now the children are over 2, the teachers inspire learning through practical workshops to allow them to experiment with all their senses.


Working in big and small groups they are motivated to work in projects.
We provide positive and fun learning experiences for our children, included special themes and other activities that teach basic concepts: colours, shapes, numbers, letters and language skills.
Through games, art, songs, poems, books, children’s literature and activities, our children learn and grow at their own pace.


During the year, as part of our units of inquiry, older groups of children will be involved in excursions in and around the local area. These play an important part in enabling the children to make connections between their learning and the real world.

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