Food at the Sotogrande International Boarding House

There are over 100 students who are part of the thriving Sotogrande International  Boarding House community. Along with 100 students, come 100 different timetables, cultures, tastes, interests and activities. One thing that brings all the students together during their busy schedules is food!

More than Just a Meal

The cantina plays an important role at the Boarding House where our students can relax and enjoy delicious food while being surrounded by friends. From P6 through to D2, all our students join each other to eat together. There are so many benefits to multi-age environments which is one of the reasons why students flourish while boarding. 

Breakfast, merienda and dinner are wonderful opportunities for students to catch up in a stress-free environment away from the classroom. The mix of different ages and cultures raises boarders social and emotional skills as well as their language skills and knowledge when they converse with students of different nationalities!

Our Chef – Luciano

Our wonderful chef, Luciano, is a big believer in a balanced diet and tasty food. He has been cooking professionally for 21 years and working at Sotogrande International Boarding House for 2 years. He receives fresh produce daily and provides an array of different salad options and healthy choices which we encourage the students to put on their plates. As well as salads and greens, Luciano’s favourite dishes to cook are BBQ’d meats and Italian pasta dishes. He cooks different options each week and each month has a new menu. See below for January’s dinner and breakfast menu.

Listening to Suggestions

The ‘Can I’ culture at SIS is echoed in the Boarding House. Last term we sent out a survey to students about the food and asked what they enjoyed, what they thought could be improved and any meal suggestions for Luciano. The kitchen team have taken on the recommendations with enthusiasm and have been quick to change things where needed. Every opinion is valid and it is important that the students are involved in something as crucial as their diets and eating habits. 

There is always a range of fruit available during meal times as well as a salad bar at every dinner. The yoghurt station with a selection of different nuts, honey and oats has been very popular! Our deputy housemistress met with the nutritionist at school to discuss food at the house and different ways to offer the students a balanced diet. The team’s aim is to talk to students about a balanced and nutritious diet and encourage them to try different things in an environment that they feel comfortable in!

Boarding students lead incredibly active lives and it is important that a consistent energy supply is provided in the meals they eat.  The boarding staff are always on hand to encourage healthy eating and to guide meal choices. Whilst it is a complicated process to cater for 100 teenagers from 35 different nationalities, the food provision, innovation and quality of food provided by the kitchen team (based on student feedback!) is key to meal satisfaction.

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