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Students who are passionate about a sport now have the perfect opportunity to pursue their dream at Sotogrande International School, without losing out on any of their academic studies.  Beginning in September this year, SIS is offering a unique and exciting course for 16-18 year olds, so that they can train in their chosen sport at the highest level and also study for either A Levels or the American High School Diploma.

This combined programme, aptly named the ‘Flexible Pathway’, allows students to enjoy the excellent sports facilities offered by Sotogrande International School in the mornings and then go on to their academic studies with highly qualified and experienced teachers in the afternoons and evenings, with each programme tailored to reflect each student’s individual educational requirements.

Sport has always played an important role in the lives of students at Sotogrande International School, not only as part of the school day but also in their free time. From September, the Flexible Pathways programme will enable students with a keen focus on sport to benefit from top class training in golf and football with a view to a possible professional career in the future, and other sports will be added to the programme at a later date.

Would-be golfers will spend their mornings on the internationally-renowned 18-hole   Alcaidesa golf course, which is not far from the school, receiving professional training from experts of national reputation and competence.

Keen footballers are encouraged to reach their potential and reach elite levels in this highly competitive sport, with professional coaching in playing and understanding tactics and a rigorous training regime which provides a rare opportunity for excellence.

Later in the day, the students follow the academic part of the Flexible Pathways programme. If they are studying for the High School Diploma, they do a two-year course in four subject areas: English, Spanish, Mathematics and Business Management. Those who are doing A Levels study two or three subjects, selecting from English Literature, Spanish, Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics.

The American High School Diploma provides entry to higher education in the USA and many other countries, while A Levels are universally recognised as university preparatory courses and provide entry to universities across the world.

Students studying the Flexible Pathways programme need a certain level of spoken and written English, but the school can help with extra tuition to help them reach the required standard if necessary.

Registration is now open for the Flexible Pathways course which begins this September. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for any student who wants to pursue their passion for sport and also ensure that they benefit from the finest academic education at this important stage in their lives: their last two years at school, when they are preparing for their future.

As Headmaster James Kearney says, “At Sotogrande International School, we aim to nurture and develop pupils who are global citizens, who are equally aware of themselves and the world around them. We aim to provide them with opportunities to develop their talents and find their authentic voice, be this academic, sports, arts or within service learning. To facilitate this, our drive is through personalised learning.”

Follow your passion – Flexible Pathways




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