An Inspired School


When I first came to school, I did not have friends. I did not talk with anyone. I felt like everybody ignored me. I was scared and I did not want to open my mouth. But then I joined the ELD program. It helped me a lot; I started talking a little English. I have finally got friends and now I feel free. I can explain myself and it really makes me happy.

— M3, student

ELD makes me happy and I love ELD lessons! When I first came here, I didn’t understand people; I could only understand very little. Now, after 3 years of ELD, I understand everything perfectly and speak fluently. My English has improved a lot. ELD helped me to do different assignments and assessments that needed a high level of English. Also, I have improved all my subjects academically because I asked for help in ELD tutorials.

— M3, student

I am glad and happy that I got a chance to be your student. For me it was really challenging, and I pushed myself to read and learn new words. Moreover, I want to say a huge thank you for helping with IELTS! My next IELTS will be in 4-7 years, when I hopefully apply for residency in Australia. Promise to send you pictures with kangaroos!

— D1, student

ELD lessons are not only about teaching people who don’t speak English. First of all, they are a constant support in any subject. I can always be sure that I can get some help if I need it at the ELD classes. Furthermore, other subjects are not always able to give us helpful vocabulary and text support like the ELD lessons do. In ELD classes we don’t just study new words or sentences structure and so on, but also we touch different topics that are actual in the world and learn how to express ourselves in both the oral and written forms. Generally, ELD is an extremely useful subject which helps me not only to improve my English but also to be better as a person.

— M5, student