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At SIS, KP acts as a guarantor that student-led action has a real positive impact in the community we work with, creating win-win situations for all involved. KP achieves this by using tried and tested models implemented by International Development Organizations, which allows monitoring of activities and funds, as well as evaluation. This enables action that, as a response to genuine need, is mindful, appropriate, and sustainable. All fundraising and hands-on activities carried out by students are the result of meaningful conversations with our partners and a direct response to the needs identified by them. Therefore, as well as being able to see the impact of their actions, students at SIS begin to understand the concept of “appropriateness of action”, which is fundamental for KP.

In order to successfully carry out our work, locally and globally, KP has teamed-up and developed long-lasting partnerships with outstanding committed organizations that work in benefit of their communities. Our four project partners are: Yanapuma Foundation (Ecuador), Association Tiwizi (Morocco), Nuevo Hogar Betania (Spain), and the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (Uganda).

I can say our success has depended on the support given by Sotogrande International School…it is wonderful that every April during the D1 CAS trip, myself, the Association and the entire community of Asni celebrate the birthday of our friendship and partnership.

— Hassan Edderjoun, President of Association Tiwizi

Nuevo hogar Betania, Spain

Hogar Betania has been our local partner since 2013. It is a non-profit association in La Linea, Spain, that helps those at risk of social exclusion to normalise their lives. The centre runs a 1 year residential programme for over 35 people, as well as an overnight homeless shelter with another 25 beds. It also runs a daily soup kitchen feeding over 200 families, and a food basket programme for people in need. They also have a safe house for women and children who are victims of human trafficking and gender violence. During the summer months they run a camp for local children in need. It is the only multi-purpose centre of its kind in the whole of Andalucia. KP currently collaborates towards the running of all these programmes.

When KP arrived at Hogar Betania the centre was on the verge of closing down. We have supported with funding and students physically participated in the restoration of the centre, which was derelict. With our support in the last few years Hogar Betania has been able grow immensely and strengthen their network of donors to keep the centre going and growing. Since 2017, KP also runs extracurricular volunteering activities and offers English and Spanish lessons for Hogar Betania residents.

At an educational level, I feel the hands on work SIS is doing locally is pioneering and I am delighted that our relationship with SIS exists because you are a huge part of our change

— Begoña Arana, Director of Hogar Betania

Association Tiwizi , Morocco

Association Tiwizi in Asni, Morocco was originally founded in 1998 and became a partner of The Kindred Project in 2007. It is a community based association which focuses on education, environmental protection, capacity building and networking in order to assist social and economic development in the local area, Asni.

In collaboration with The Kindred Project, SIS run their annual D1 CAS trip’s to Asni. The D1’s organise a big fundraising initiative every year and take the money raised with them to Asni to develop Association Tiwizi’s key projects. The donations have been used to support the local girl’s boarding house, the local maternity unit, primary and secondary schools, intercultural exchange sessions, the construction of roads, painting, terracing, irrigation systems and English language lessons.

As well as this, in 2008 SIS students developed a social entrepreneurship initiative to attract eco-tourism to the area. By developing a website and leaflets, Association Tiwizi now receives over 15 schools a year. In addition, we initiated the growing of organic Saffron, with students planting the first bulb over 5 years ago, the Association now produces 3kgs a year to sell.

Facebook link: Association Tiwizi

Thank you so, so … so much’ doesn’t really convey the depth of gratitude that the community here feels for its close connection with SIS. Without SIS, the school simply would not exist. Simply phenomenal!”

— Dave Batten, Co-Founder of NCLC

Nabugabo Community Learning Centre, Uganda

The Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (NCLC) in Uganda has been one of The Kindred Project’s partners since 2012. The school was set up by David and Judy Batten, former teachers of SIS to create a peaceful and sustainable future for the children of the Nabugabo area by ensuring that they are educated in a safe and secure environment. The school was built with the help of SIS students during their annual trips. With support from The Kindred Project through donations, fundraising events and expeditions, NCLC continues to succeed with over 100 pupils, just under 1/2 of which are sponsored by the SIS community through the Send a Child to School programme! KP also supports NCLC in the areas of infrastructure, equipment, capacity building & education, social entrepreneurship, basic health and community empowerment.

Thank you so, so … so much’ doesn’t really convey the depth of gratitude that the community here feels for its close connection with SIS. Without SIS, the school simply would not exist. Simply phenomenal!

— Dave Batten, Co-Founder of NCLC

Yanapuma Foundation, Ecuador

The Yanapuma Foundation in Ecuador has been one of The Kindred Project’s partners since 2008. Their mission is to bring about lasting change for some of the most marginalised and indigenous people of Ecuador.

We have supported the implementation of a language rescue project to develop interactive materials for the Kichwa and Sapara languages; carry out a rich intercultural programme to promote and protect the Tsa’chila culture; support the tsáchila primary and secondary school “Abraham Calazacón”, as well as sponsoring the first ever two tsáchila student to attend university. In addition The Kindred Project implemented an exchange programme where Spanish online classes were given by Ecuadorian teachers to non-spanish speaking SIS students.

Your team work, commitment, leadership, attitude, sense of humour, respect to others, interest for our culture and willingness to help us in the future is something no other group has offered before and we are very thankful for it.

— Alfonso Aguavil, Tsa’chila Leader