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The Kindred Project (KP) has been instrumental in the development of SIS’ whole school Global Citizenship Strategy in collaboration with the school’s leadership team, right from the definition of its mission, to the design and implementation of its whole school Global Citizenship curricular and service learning programme. KP is also deeply involved in securing the International Certification granted by the Council of International Schools, which will officially recognise the impact of SIS’ Global Citizenship strategy.

IB PYP – KP supports the IB PYP curriculum by running sessions in connection with the Units of Inquiry and supporting students’ action based activities for the module. This enables students to know themselves better, develop international mindedness and Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, as well as make direct connections with our school’s values. As well as this, KP organises local service learning opportunities. From a PYP perspective, we have come to realise that making strong connections with KP’s local partners is an essential part of achieving a long-lasting impact in our students, as it allows them to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in class to powerful life shaping experiences, enabling them at the same time to make a positive impact in their local community.



IB MYP – KP has played a key role in the design of SIS’ tailor-made Global Citizenship Programme (GCP), which runs from M1 to M5, specifically supporting the pillars of Social Entrepreneurship and Service Learning. KP also runs sessions in connection with Units of Inquiry, as well as supporting students with community focused ideas during their Community Project in M3, Personal Project in M5 and Service as Action across the whole of the MYP.

IB Diploma – As well as participating in awareness raising sessions connected to the curriculum, KP supports IB students with their Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), an integral part of the IB Diploma curriculum. The opportunities provided at school, in the local and global community give students the chance to fulfil the requirements of the IB Diploma.



Co-curricular – Students of all ages at SIS have the opportunity to lead KP. They can join the weekly KP Primary and Secondary clubs and be part of the student-leadership team supporting the running of the NGO. They can also join KP’s Social Entrepreneurs Club developing ideas and businesses for a better world, take part in extracurricular service learning opportunities, like our Hogar Betania Friday volunteering, or sign up to our life-shaping Expeditions to Ecuador, Morocco and Uganda!

By being involved in KP, students develop an understanding and respect for worldwide cultures, beliefs and values, as well as fostering attitudes and behaviors which reflect good citizenship, key for achieving sustainable change.

In KP, every individual is encouraged not only to embrace and adapt to change, but also to manage and influence it!

— Bella Sträuli, SIS Alumni