Outstanding IB Diploma results for 2020 led to 93% achieving their 1st choice university, and 60% of UK students attending a Russell Group University. In addition, we had students attending some of the most prestigious universities in the world such as;  University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial, Durham University, Exeter, Boston University, Boston College, UC San Diego, ICADE, New York University, London School of Economics, Delft Technical University, Technical University of Munich, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Carlos III (Madrid), University of Navarra, IE. In addition, our Alumni association maintains a key role and presence with our extensive graduation network.


This is a short video from three of our SIS Graduands, about studying the IB diploma at SIS, and their plans for the future. They consider their best memories of SIS and share some top tips for our younger cohorts.


SCAD University has been so impressed with Carmela’s work across the curriculum that they offered her a Distinguished Scholar scholarship to join them to study in the USA. Congratulations Carmela!


The impact of COVID-19 on the University Application process.

Spain underwent severe restrictions due to the impact of COVID-19 on the country as a whole in 2020. Sotogrande International School was required to physically close from March 16th to September 7th. Our students were taught via remote learning techniques in online live lessons for the duration of this period. 

  • Grading scales & policies

There were no significant changes to our grading scales, however, we did implement a series of support policies since re-opening allowing for those students who have been quarantined to access classes via a Hybrid model.

  • Graduation requirements

Our graduating cohort from 2020 was unable to have a formal graduation as the School was in lockdown. We are currently open and using the “bubble” system to keep different student groups apart. We are also following the Spanish government’s instructions in order to maintain safe distance protocols, mask use and social distancing. This also includes hygiene measures. 

  • Instructional methods

Between March 16th and September 7th, our students were taught remotely online. Thanks to our high-tech well-established IT environment, we were able to deliver lessons on a full-time virtual basis i.e. students attended lessons following the day timetable with teachers delivering live classes online. Therefore, the students did not miss any lessons.

  • Schedules and course offerings

We continue to offer the same number of courses. The IB recently published adaptations to the assessment components of each IB course for the May 21 session due to the disruption caused by the global pandemic.

  • Testing requirements

For the majority of our students SAT opportunities were cancelled, and the IELTS language testing was only available in October. 

  • Your academic calendar

Due to COVID restrictions extracurricular activities have been cancelled.

Our disruption was therefore minimal, but it is worth noting that we were closed, and students needed to be more resilient and self-disciplined.

Jason Mungles

Jason Mungles

Head of University/Career Guidance, IB DP History and TOK

As both a subject teacher of History and TOK and as a guidance counsellor, I am able to bring both teaching and counselling experiences to my role at SIS. Working in close association with my colleagues, through our year based pastoral teams I support and advise our students and parents, through the global opportunities for education beyond their graduation.

It remains my strong belief that goal orientated students are successful students, and when they have identified their 3C goals, they are truly successful.

Lourdes Villafranca

Lourdes Villafranca

Director Técnica and University Counsellor for Spanish applications. IB DP & MYP Spanish Language and Literature.

With detailed experienced of the Spanish application process, national requirements and opportunities in Spain, I provide support for the application process for Spanish Universities via UNED. This includes advice, information, references and the organisation of university visits, in Spain alongside the development of key links with relevant University admissions offices.“

Javier Orozco

Javier Orozco

UNED Guidance Counsellor/Deputy Director Technical/MYP Teacher

I have precise knowledge of the Spanish public application process, through UNED.  I provide guidance to students and parents in this role, in participation with the wider U&C counsellor programme, and additionally develop links with relevant University admissions offices

High School Profiles

high school profile

High School Profile