Exam results

‘’I would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2020 and share with you their genuinely fantastic exam results. Our average IB Diploma points score increased to 36 points, the highest in the school’s history. Fifteen students achieved an impressive 40 points or more, and two students achieved a near perfect IB Diploma point score of 44’’

James Kearney, Head of Sotogrande International School



"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers for looking after Alexandra over the last three and a half years. I am so pleased we took the decision to send her to SIS where she has been able to practice and study subjects that really interest her on the creative and artistic front. Alexandra has also made some really good friends from different countries and, having met nearly all of them, their good manners and maturity stand out which is a great credit to the school.

As you know, we hope Alexandra will be going to Sussex University in September and she knows that you are at the end of an email or telephone should she need advice from an ex-alumni. We are grateful to you for telling us you that are always available in that regard.

You should be very proud of what you are achieving at SIS and I know the school’s reputation will go from strength to strength as we slowly return to normal life again.

My heartfelt thanks and warmest regards,"