Virtual Learning

With more than 1000 children from 50 countries, Sotogrande International School is more than just a school; it’s a place where individuals flourish.

The closure of educational centres provided an opportunity for our teachers to lead by example and ‘practise what we teach’ by preparing and dealing with the challenges that life presents us. The challenge was to provide an undisrupted IB education in English through the creation of an on-line school.

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Our virtual lessons have proved to be extremely successful with both students and their parents, and continue to deliver an engaging, creative and dynamic on-line learning programme that:

● Enables students to take part in live lessons via on-line learning platforms.

● Provides individual and group interaction with teachers, ensuring progress is maintained across all areas of the curriculum

● Supports the balance between on-line, off-line and physical activity to ensure high engagement and focus throughout the school day

● Encourages communication and promotes a sense of community through varied on-line activities.

As a member of the Inspired Education Group, Sotogrande International School has benefited from the best practice and knowledge shared within the family of schools. Inspired schools are effectively providing a ‘virtual school life’ to more than 25,000 students in 11 countries around the world, with over 100,000 hours of e-learning already completed.

On-line International School

The virtual system implemented by SIS ensures our highly motivated teaching team can continue to deliver the IB curriculum for all children from the age of 3 to 18.

Students attend on-line lessons, Monday through to Friday during usual school hours.

Classes are a mix of live sessions, video tutorials, daily exercises, group discussions and off-line investigations.

Lessons are delivered interactively via a variety of on-line programmes, some of which were already a part of Sotogrande International School’s innovative approach to learning, making the transition to a virtual school even simpler for both students and teachers.

Our personalised approach to teaching ensures that no matter the distance, every student is treated as an individual and receives ongoing support both pastorally and academically.

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Testimonial Quote
"Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers who are so dedicated to our children’s learning at this difficult time thank you "
Deborah Boden Brown, Student
Testimonial Quote
"Amazing first hour of learning. Well done to all of you  and thank you so much. "
Yovanka Grueso, Student
Testimonial Quote
"Well done a completely fantastic effort! Seems to be working well so far. (Not sure my two are following the appropriate clothing bit!) "
Sarah Aryanpur, Student
Testimonial Quote
"Fantastic preparation – day 1 went smooth and engaging! We are grateful our children are part of the SIS community – this makes this crazy situation so much more endurable. "
Saskia Handberg, Student
Testimonial Quote
"“We are so happy to be part of this amazing community! It is the people who will help us through all of this!”  "
expatmummy7, Student


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