The Atlético de Madrid ACES programme has been designed to help keen young football players move forwards, improving their footballing skills, fitness, technical ability and stamina.

Aspiring players will be coached using the proven methods used at  Atlético de Madrid which has produced many top flight players including Fernando Torres, Gabi and Koke. Through a structured programme of workshops, training and exercise sessions players develop, improve and practise the many skills needed to become an all-round player.

Why join the ATM ACES?

Expert Staff – Our team provide a holistic approach to training, carrying forward our strong belief that well-rounded individuals succeed. Our team have all played football at the highest level and use their knowledge to identify areas for improvement to ensure each player reachs their full potential.

Methodology – Weekly training schedules have been designed to incorporate individual skills such as agility, speed, stamina, movement both on and off the ball as well as technical skills and teamwork.

Positive Attitudes – Players on the ATM ACES programme all share a passion for football and are here to take their training to the next level. Inspired by each other and our coaching staff, players are challenged and encouraged to take opportunities in a safe environment, building their confidence both on and off the pitch.

Evaluation – Our team provide regular, individual feedback to players promoting continual improvement as well as setting objectives and producing termly reports and video analysis.

Matches – Putting the skills and knowledge gained into practice is an important part of the programme. Assessed by ability, players are placed into teams competing in local leagues and Gibraltar as well as taking part in local and friendly fixtures.

Facilities – As well as training and playing on a full-size pitch, players use the covered, heated swimming pool and fully equipped gym to improve their all-round fitness.

ATM Experience 

Once a year students go to Madrid to train in the official Atletico de Madrid Academy.  Staying at the academy residence alongside other aspiring players, joining training sessions frequented by ATM scouts, going on a tour of the Wanda Stadium and watching a match are all part of this fantastic experience.


Soccer is becoming a very popular sports in the United States, and American coaches are looking at players from abroad to join their teams and offering scholarships to players to study in the US. Soccer players at American universities can study a college degree while training at a very high level, taking advantage of excellent facilities and competing against universities from all over the United States.

  • What level of soccer do you need to be offered a soccer scholarship in the United States?

College soccer is becoming very competitive for international players, thanks in part to bringing high-quality players from all over the world. The best American universities are recruiting at the best youth teams from all over the world, so interested student-athletes must train and compete at the best teams and academies in their home countries. Players of lower athletic level can have opportunities at universities in NCAA Division II or NAIA, and other level with higher budgets can study and play at NCAA Division III universities, schools with a higher academic level but without soccer scholarships.

  • How many universities offer soccer scholarships in the United States?

There are more than 1,500 universities with soccer programs, most of them with the right to offer soccer scholarships to most of their players. The main body, the NCAA, has more than 1,000 universities, divided among its 3 divisions. There are also opportunities for soccer players at Junior Colleges and at universities in the NAIA.

  •    What are the requirements for obtaining a football scholarship?
  1. Completed High School education
  2. SAT and TOEFL exams
  3. Highly competitive, with a proven record of experience and results.
  4. Comply with the rules of the American University Leagues
  • Who is AGM? 


AGM (, is an educational consulting company specializing in the international mobility of students to the United States, has worked since 2004 with the objective of helping students and student-athletes in getting a college education at American Universities, financing part of their education through academic and athletic scholarships. AGM has worked with more than 1,700 students from 41 different countries, obtaining more than $90 million in scholarships offered by universities in the US



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