Elite Sports

Aspiring sports students have the opportunity to couple an outstanding education at Sotogrande International School, with pursuing their dreams of playing sport at the highest level with the Elite Sports programme.

The academic timetable is specially designed, providing the perfect blend of time in the classroom and time to practise and compete in students’ chosen sports. Broken down into 3 programmes our Future Elite Sports Programme  (11-14-year-olds) and Junior Sports Programme (14-16 year-olds) both study towards the IB Middle Year Programme (MYP) while our Elite Sports Programme(16-18 year-olds) study the High School Diploma.

Working in conjunction with professional golf and tennis academies Jason Floyd Golf and SotoTennis and football giants Atlético de Madrid, Elite Sport students receive a clear educational pathway giving them access to scholarships and sporting opportunities worldwide.

Apple Distinguished School

SIS places great emphasis on technology to support learning and is proud to be named as an Apple Distinguished School. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. We aim to prepare students for effective participation and success in the 21st century by integrating technology and learning, providing access for all children to laptops, ipads and desktop computers and ensuring students have access to online learning resources both at home and at school.

Find your passion and purpose

Our aim is to inspire and motivate our students to be global citizens who are learners for life. SIS is home to a passionate learning community who inspire students to find their unique talents and encourage them to embrace opportunities to be the best they can be.


Sotogrande International Boarding House

Since opening in 1980, Sotogrande International Boarding House has become home to intellectually adventurous students from all over the world. Providing an exciting and rigorous English speaking education, students’ minds are opened to opportunities, which our team of staff encourage them to take by inspiring them to develop their own individual interest, gifts and talents. Full, weekday and flexi boarding options are available.


Sototennis Academy

We believe STA players deserve the best academic opportunities as this is crucial to long-term development. There doesn’t need to be a compromise involved between full time tennis training and achieving an excellent education.

We are proud to be one of the few leading Tennis Academies who can confidently offer world-class academics alongside the full time tennis programmes.

Full Time Players

Full time players’ programmes are designed and delivered as part of a total plan supporting the individual’s goals through:

  • Performance planning
  • Sport Science support
  • Tournament travel

Full time programmes are therefore designed to include:

  • Year-round programme management
  • Tennis squads (daily amount dependent on package)
  • Strength & Conditioning sessions (daily amount dependent on package)
  • Weekly individual session
  • Match play
  • Local tournament support
  • International tournament support
  • Sport Science support

Access Players

Access programmes are on offer to like-minded players looking to supplement their current programmes: pre-season blocks, winter training, or experience on European clay.

Training weeks are delivered in line with the personal coach and individual development goals.

Four Access Player spaces are available per week, except for training camp weeks where we open up 16 spaces for players per week.


We are tennis, and much more. We see tennis as a vehicle to success, on and off the court, whatever the player’s individual pathway.

We provide the perfect environment for passionate young tennis players aiming for a future in the game, whether U.S. College, European university, or the Professional Tour.

Access weeks are also available for those looking to complement their current programme in a bespoke and personalised way

Elite Sports and Education Testimonials

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