The Elite Sports Programme forms a structured pathway for student-athletes. Sotogrande International School works in partnership with sports academies to offer a solution for balancing the high academic and sporting demands placed young, talented sportspeople. 

The first rung on the ladder is for our Future Champions, progressing to the Junior Champions and ultimately the Elite Champions. Our aim is for student-athletes to leave the programme prepared and ready for university scholarships and beyond.


School Year M1 – M3

The Future Champions programme is for students age 11 to 14. They follow the normal school day structure with their sports training taking place after school hours.  Students follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP).


School Year M4 – M5

Junior Champions, age 14 – 16, study the core subjects of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) until 13:30. Afternoons are spent training at their sports academy. The MYP’s core subjects are:

  • English 
  • Maths 
  • Science 
  • Individuals & Societies (Humanities) 
  • Language Acquisition

By the end of this programme (age 16), Junior Champions attain all the qualifications they need to progress up the Ladder to join the Elite Champions.

The Elite Champions academic programme has been designed to optimise aspiring athletes academic capabilities whilst they participate fully in their sports programmes. Student-athletes study 3 International A-Levels (Business Studies, Economics and Mathamatics), as well as SAT Maths Preparation and an English Language Course, essential for acceptance into US Colleges after graduation.

Small class sizes allow teachers to provide the student-athletes with additional time, attention and assistance with their work. Elite Champion student-athletes graduate with 3 qualifications:

1. International A-Levels
2. SAT Score
3. High School Transcript (a summation of the student-athletes final 4 years of education)

International A-Levels keep the European university option open for those looking to study in Europe after graduation, whilst the SAT and High School Transcript enable access into the US university system.

University and Scholarship Guidance

Throughout their time on the programme student-athletes work with SIS, their sports academies and specialist scholarship agencies ensuring they receive the best guidance and support to maximise their opportunities of winning sporting scholarships to the USA.

Programme Flexibility

The Junior and Elite Champions programme has been designed with the understanding that student-athletes have busy tournament schedules, with tournaments often falling within term time. With this in mind provision has been put in place to allow student-athletes to leave school for tournament participation whilst providing online access to work missed during this period. Additional tutoring is offered to those who have been away at tournaments should it be required.


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