The Elite Sports Golf Programme

The Elite Sports Golf Programme consists of a unique laddered system that offers a solution to the demands of combining elite sports with the rigours of a regular academic schedule. Students aged 10 to 18 have the opportunity to join a bespoke, structured system that allows them to excel in golf and their academic studies simultaneously without compromising their performance.

The programme also facilitates participants earning university scholarships in the USA.

Jason Floyd Golf Academy prides itself on its ability to offer personalised, full-time golf instruction through different Triple-A programmes (laddered by age group). Our scholarship service, JFGA Scholarships works closely with universities across the USA to generate scholarship offers for our students who wish to follow the student-athlete pathway to college.

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Combined Elite Golf and Academics Programmes: Facilitating Access to University Scholarships

Earning college scholarships to attend American universities requires dedication to both sporting and academic excellence. A regular school structure focuses on academics and, often, does not allow time for athletes to practise their chosen sport.
Throughout the Triple-A Programmes, Jason Floyd Gold Academy in collaboration with SIS is fulfilling this offer and the The Elite Programmes are designed and laddered by age.

Triple A Elite programmes are designed specifically for 16- to 18-year-old golfers who aspire to combine both their golf and education to earn Golf Scholarships to Universities in America or to join professional tours after completing their schooling.

It forms the structured pathway from beginner Junior to Elite Golfer, prepared and ready for University Scholarships and beyond.

This programme is the highest rung on the Triple-A Ladder, with the Triple-A Junior and Triple-A Future Player Programmes beneath it. In this Elite programme, we will look into more depth into your scholarship orientation.

Triple a Junior programme is designed to conduct the 14–16-year-old golfers to the Elite programmes; our AAA Junior plan gives the opportunity to seamlessly combine their golf and education without compromising the other. It is the perfect preparation to step up to the AAA Elite programme and open up the doors to US university scholarships.

Triple A Future is the first rung on the Triple-A Ladder (10 to 14-year-old golfers). By starting with the enrolment in this programme, we guarantee our students to follow a dedicated golf and academic development. It is a great induction to the Junior and Elite upcoming programmes and it will give a full overview of the upcoming year's routine.

The Future programme aspires to have great school education and golf instruction, to take their golf more seriously as they get older.

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Elite Performance

Elite Sports Education optimises aspiring athletes’ academic capabilities whilst they undergo their sports programmes to make sure academic excellence is attained. Student-athletes study 3 International A-Levels, as well as SAT English and Maths Preparation which are essential components for entry into US Colleges after graduation.

Students enjoy small class sizes, and the programme allows Sotogrande International School’s team of specialist Elite Sport staff to provide their athletes with additional time, attention and assistance with their work.

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Qualifications for Student Athletes

Student-athletes graduate with 3 qualifications:

  • International A-Levels
  • SAT Score
  • High School Transcript (a summation of the student-athletes final 4 years of education)
  • International A-Levels keep the European University option open for those looking to study in Europe after graduation, whilst the SAT and High School Transcript enables access into the US University College system.

JFGA Scholarships

This is more than just a scholarship service; it’s a reflection of the unique culture and values nurtured at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy (JFGA). We take great pride in offering a personalised and exceptional experience to students, instilling the principles learned during their time at JFGA from the Triple A Golf & Education programmes through to their scholarship applications and university placements.

Our mission is to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams of a college education while showcasing their golfing abilities. We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, dedication, and personal growth, both on and off the golf course. Through the collaborative efforts of the JFGA scholarship team, golf instructors at the Jason Floyd Golf Academy, and teachers at Sotogrande International School, we provide unparalleled support and guidance to students throughout their scholarship journey.

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Elite Sports Junior Education

Elite Sports Junior Education optimises aspiring athletes’ academic capabilities whilst they undergo their sports programmes ensuring academic excellence is attained. Elite Sports Junior student-athletes complete the core subjects of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in year groups M4 and M5. The lesson schedule is organised so all core subjects are studied between 9 am-1 pm, allowing Elite Sports Junior student-athletes to utilise their afternoons for their golf tuition.

The core subjects of the MYP include:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Individuals & societies (Humanities)
  • Language Acquisition

By the end of M5 (age 16), all Elite Sports Junior athletes attain the qualifications they need to progress up the Elite Sport Ladder to join the Elite Sport Elite Player Programme.

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Sotogrande Golf Programme

JFGAs Tournament Series

This often acts as a great opportunity for potential new students to visit the JFGA and SIS whilst playing in the tournament. You can find out all the Triple A World Series schedule 

Important Info:

The Triple-A World Series is designed to offer junior golfers the opportunity to display their skills over a series of golf tournaments, allowing college coaches in the US to view a junior golfer's performance over an extended period of time, matching that of an NCAA College Season. The Triple-A World Series is a six-tournament series involving order of merit point accumulation, concluding with the Triple-A Series World Final, to determine the Triple-A World Series Champion. The series consists of 6 three-day (54 holes), WAGR-ranked tournaments with U21 Boys, U21 Girls and U16 Mixed categories The series utilises some of Europe's best courses in the Sotogrande area of Southern Spain. .

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Some of the courses include:

  • San Roque Old Course 
  • San Roque New Course 
  • Real Club de Golf Sotogrande 
  • Club de Golf Finca Cortesin

The Triple-A World Series boasts a point accumulation system, working in a similar way to the season-long FedEx Cup race and the Race to Dubai. Participants accumulate points in the Triple-A Series in order of merit, depending on their finishing position. The top 60 participants across all categories qualify for the Triple-A Series World Final.

The series takes place between September and April and offers junior golfers the opportunity to play a full series of tournaments during the European winter season before the summer season begins.

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