Summit Basketball Academy, in partnership with the Elite Sports Programme, will provide motivated prospective student-athletes access to high-level advanced basketball instruction to help them reach their goals on and off the court.

Maximizing the capabilities of each athlete is at the core of Summit Basketball Academy's philosophy on player development.  Training programs will be crafted to fit the specified needs of each player, helping them to develop their minds, bodies, and basketball skills to reach peak performance.

Through it's vast network of contacts, Summit Basketball Academy will be able to map out pathways, create opportunities, and give expert advice to student-athletes who wish to purse a post secondary education while playing at a North American College/University (NCAA I/II/III, NAIA, NJCAA, CIS).

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My oldest son Pablo joined the basketball academy in 2019 and he truly loved it. Evan is a fantastic and very enthusiastic coach that truly captures the kids energy and is able to make it a fun and enjoyable experience to all. He has the passion, expertise, knowledge and the patience to teach the game the right way by making it fun, improving skills, and providing an environment that is safe to make mistakes and learn.

During the last Easter break Pablo also signed up for the Basketball Camp and it was also a great experience. Cannot wait to have the academy back next year!

Veronica Delso

“I very much enjoyed my experience with Summit Basketball Academy.

The coaches were exceptional and taught us many technical moves ans shots. I am looking forward to repeat that amazing experience with my friends any time soon.

Alexandre A.A. MARTIN

"Our son started playing Basketball a couple months ago. He absolutely loves the game and is eager to learn everything about it. At SIS he has the chance to grow and develop his skills.  The coach, Evan Pellerin, who is the director and founder of Summit Basketball Academy, is fantastic.  He focuses on each player's unique ability and helps them in their development in a fun learning environment. The new training facility at school is amazing and a huge benefit for everyone. 

We are very happy to see our son being part of the growing basketball family at SIS."

Hartmann Family

"My time at Summit Basketball academy has allowed me to improve my skills immensely, while providing a positive learning environment where I can work at my own pace, enjoy healthy competition, and more than that; enjoy the game of basketball. Other than the obvious parts of my game such as my ball handling and shooting ability improving, I now feel that I can say that I have genuinely improved my understanding of the sport from a technical standpoint due to my time at Summit."

Cassius Joseph:

"I've trained at Summit Basketball for less than a year and I have learnt so much before I started training I was unable to even drible between my legs or shoot the ball, Evan has taught me so much and is a great teacher for beginner players who want to play better during pick up games at school or to have better hand to eye coordination."

Leo David Searl Chapman