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Spanish Validation 

Students planning to study in Spain at the university level usually follow the curriculum, with the addition of Spanish Culture and Spanish (mother tongue).  This allows students to access university in Spain with the three educational systems that the school offers.  Students taking the International Baccalaureate do not need to take the EBAU exams. Some students take additional PCE's to increase their placement options in Spanish universities. 

University Placements 

95-100% of our graduating students go on to colleges and universities worldwide. Around 95% of them go to their first-choice institution, with a 100% placement rate in our last cohort, to some of the most prestigious universities around the world. The majority go to university in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and Spain. 

This is a short video from three of our SIS Graduands, about studying the IB diploma at SIS, and their plans for the future. They consider their best memories of SIS and share some top tips for our younger cohorts.

Jason Mungles

Jason Mungles

Head of University/Career Guidance, IB DP History and TOK

As both a subject teacher of History and TOK and as a guidance counsellor, I am able to bring both teaching and counselling experiences to my role at SIS. Working in close association with my colleagues, through our year based pastoral teams I support and advise our students and parents, through the global opportunities for education beyond their graduation.

It remains my strong belief that goal orientated students are successful students, and when they have identified their 3C goals, they are truly successful.

Javier Orozco

Javier Orozco

UNED Guidance Counsellor/Deputy Director Technical/MYP Teacher

I have precise knowledge of the Spanish public application process, through UNED.  I provide guidance to students and parents in this role, in participation with the wider U&C counsellor programme, and additionally develop links with relevant University admissions offices

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