At SIS, we strive to foster an understanding of the interdependence of individuals, societies and cultures. By offering a diverse curricular and extracurricular programme, inclusive of cultural experiences and community service, we aim to increase awareness of the world we live in by promoting respect for different cultures and ways of life.

The Kindred Project (KP) is a unique student-led, non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 2010 by Sotogrande International School (SIS) to enable and empower students to use education as a force for good.

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KP strongly believes that proactive, responsible young people are essential for overcoming the problems in the world and thus must be supported as drivers of positive change within their local communities and beyond. With these convictions at the heart of our work, KP has formed long-term partnerships with specific communities in Ecuador (since 2008), Morocco (since 2007), Spain (since 2013) and Uganda (since 2012).

To support our partners' efforts to address local challenges, our school also helps increase access to education by advocating for improved education quality and the development of local social-enterprise initiatives. Participation in the KP strengthens young people's appreciation of global citizenship, which is a key value within SIS.

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Kindred Project Within SIS

The Kindred Project (KP) has been instrumental in the development of SIS’ whole school Global Citizenship Strategy, in collaboration with the school’s leadership team. It has helped to inform the GCS mission, design, curriculum and service learning programme. KP is also deeply involved in securing the international accreditation granted by the Council of International Schools, who will officially recognise the impact of SIS’ Global Citizenship strategy.

Kindred Project in the IB Programme

KP in the Primary Years Programme: The KP programme supports the IB PYP curriculum by running sessions in connection with the Units of Inquiry and supporting students’ action-based activities for this particular module. Students are empowered to know themselves better, develop international awareness and Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills, while making direct connections with our school’s values.

KP practices also inform local service learning opportunities. From a PYP perspective, making strong connections with KP’s local partners is an essential part of achieving a long-lasting impact, as it allows our students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in class to powerful life-shaping experiences that enable them to make a positive impact in their local community.

KP in the Middle Years Programme: The KP structure has played a key role in the design of SIS’ tailor-made Global Citizenship Programme (GCP), which runs from M1 to M5. It specifically supports the pillars of Social Entrepreneurship and Service Learning. KP also enhances sessions in connection with Units of Inquiry, as well as supporting students with community-focused ideas during their Community Project in M3, Personal Project in M5, and Service as Action across the whole of the MYP.

KP in the IB Diploma: As well as participating in awareness-raising sessions connected to the curriculum, KP supports IBDP students with their Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), an integral part of the IB Diploma curriculum. The opportunities provided at school, in the local and global community give students the chance to fulfil the requirements of the IB Diploma.

KP in co-curricular learning: At SIS, students of all ages have the opportunity to lead KP. They can join the weekly KP Primary and Secondary clubs, and be part of the student-leadership team supporting the running of the NGO. They can also join KP’s Social Entrepreneurs Club and form ideas and businesses to contribute towards building a better world. Students may harness extracurricular service-learning opportunities across the school, including by joining our Hogar Betania Friday volunteering, or by taking life-shaping expeditions to Ecuador, Morocco and Uganda!

By being involved in KP, students develop an understanding and respect for cultures worldwide, and learn to practise tolerance for those who have differing beliefs and values. They foster empathetic attitudes and behaviours which reflect good citizenship practices, which are key for achieving sustainable change.

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Partners and Projects

At SIS, KP demonstrates that student-led action has a real positive impact in the community we work with, creating win-win situations for all involved. KP achieves this by using tried-and-tested models implemented by International Development Organisations, that allow the monitoring of activities and funds, as well as evaluation. 

This process enables action that, if applied as a response to genuine need, remains mindful, appropriate, and sustainable. All fundraising and hands-on activities carried out by students are the result of meaningful conversations with our partners. Therefore, as well as being able to see the impact of their actions, students at SIS begin to understand the concept of “appropriateness of action”, which is a fundamental element of KP.

In order to successfully carry out our work, locally and globally, KP has developed long-lasting partnerships with outstanding committed organisations that work to benefit their communities. Our four project partners are: Yanapuma Foundation (Ecuador), Association Tiwizi (Morocco), Nuevo Hogar Betania (Spain), and the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (Uganda).

Our Partnerships in Action

Kindred Project kids smiling

Nuevo Hogar Betania, Spain

Kindred Project kids cheering

Association Tiwizi, Morocco

Kids performing traditional dance

Nabugabo Community Learning Centre, Uganda

Kindred Project kid painting

Yanapuma Foundation, Ecuador

Want to Get Involved?

Are you interested in…

  • Volunteering
  • Offering your time and skills to deliver workshops to students
  • Sponsoring a child
  • Donating
  • Participating in our Asni Family Trip to Association Tiwizi in Morocco


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Your team work, commitment, leadership, attitude, sense of humour, respect to others, interest for our culture and willingness to help us in the future is something no other group has offered before and we are very thankful for it.


SIS learners take personal responsibility for creating a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world.


Most importantly, KP allowed us to learn more about ourselves, and realise the potential we have to help, and make changes.


In KP, every individual is encouraged not only to embrace and adapt to change, but also to manage and influence it!


I can say our success has depended on the support given by Sotogrande International School…it is wonderful that every April during the D1 CAS trip, myself, the Association and the entire community of Asni celebrate the birthday of our friendship and partnership.


At an educational level, I feel the hands-on work SIS is doing locally is pioneering and I am delighted that our relationship with SIS exists because you are a huge part of our change.


Thank you so, so … so much’ doesn’t really convey the depth of gratitude that the community here feels for its close connection with SIS. Without SIS, the school simply would not exist. Simply phenomenal!


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