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Our middle school contains five year groups from M1 to M5. The MYP is an incredibly busy, diverse, challenging and vibrant journey. It serves as the fundamental bridge between primary and upper school. The middle school is a platform for our students to achieve their dreams through academic successes, community and service events, technological events, experiential learning trips, sports results, arts exhibitions, music and drama performances.

A strong partnership exists between the student, school and parents/guardians. This partnership is essential if students are to become creative, critical and reflective learners.

During the middle school years, our students focus on ten key areas which are aligned to the IB and always connect with Our Mission and Educational Goal .




Kevin Stone
Head of Secondary

  1. Become a lifelong learner – Learn ‘how to learn’ using communication, research, self-management, collaboration, critical and creative thinking skills.
  2. Learn by doing and experiencing – The MYP curriculum provides opportunities for student service in action. In particular, through the MYP Community Project, our middle school students learn to service the community and connect what is learnt in the classroom to ‘real life’. Service as Action HB Link
  3. The MYP encourages critical thinking – it teaches you to analyse and evaluate issues, generate novel ideas and consider new perspectives.
  4. Explore global challenges – the MYP helps to increase understanding of the world by exploring globally significant ideas and issues.
  5. Learn for understanding – the MYP is more about the process of learning, as opposed to memorizing facts or topics to prepare for exams.
  6. Train yourself to – organize and plan work, meet deadlines, concentrate, bounce back from setbacks, persist, think positively.
  7. Subjects are not taught in isolation (interdisciplinary units) – staff and students are encouraged to make connections between subjects.
  8. The MYP empowers students to develop their talents – students feel empowered to prove what they know and achieve their potential. MYP Flexible Pathways HB and Extracurricular activities HB
  9. The Middle School prepares students for future education – students are prepared for the IB Diploma Programme, IB Courses, High School Diploma and the Elite Sport Programme.
  10. The MYP encourages international-mindedness – helps students critically appreciate their own culture and personal history, as well as the values and traditions of others.