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Sotogrande International School is a learning community passionate about providing world-recognised, international education that encourages skills development and intercultural understanding.

At Sotogrande International School, we believe that being a global citizen means more than simply travelling around the globe or living an expatriate lifestyle; it refers to gaining a holistic view of the world. Our students are encouraged to understand the commonalities we share with others while recognising our responsibility to help our fellow man safeguard our planet’s future.


Our Definition for Global Citizenship

As a whole school community, we define Global Citizenship as:

  • being aware of, learning about, and understanding the world beyond ourselves; our planet, all people and species with whom we share it
  • demonstrating and promoting values of compassion, respect and acceptance for all people, diverse cultures and beliefs; embracing cultural differences and commonalities
  • taking personal responsibility and working interdependently to create local and global sustainable solutions for a more peaceful, inclusive and united world

With this in mind, we have developed a unique Global Citizenship Programme at Sotogrande International School. It aims to empower learners to assume active roles so they may face and resolve global challenges by taking personal responsibility for creating a more peaceful and sustainable world. Guided by UNESCO and The Council of International Schools, we have created a framework for the Global Citizenship Programme which is linked to, what we believe, are the four pillars of Global Citizenship.


Contact Us

Clair Marie Mohamed
Global Citizenship Coordinator
Sotogrande International School

We are currently in the process of gaining International Certification for our Global Citizenship Programme at SIS.

The purpose: CIS International Certification provides recognition for high-quality programmes. When successful, it will enhance and confirm our school’s commitment to international education and the further development of global citizens.

Global Mindedness

Our International School in Cadiz welcomes learners from over 40 different nationalities. We are truly a multicultural community which lends itself well to the development of global citizenship. The Global Citizenship Programme provides learners with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development, human rights, gender equality and the promotion of a culture of peace. The programme also aims to promote mutual respect and understanding through global citizenship and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Students are encouraged to participate in every aspect of the curriculum in order to reach their full potential and become motivated, aspirational global citizens. The programme encourages students to think about global issues with their HEAD, to feel empathy for others with their HEART, and take action to find positive and sustainable solutions with their HANDS.

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A Curriculum to Develop Global Awareness

Our Global CItizenship Programme Curriculum uses four key approaches to developing global awareness:

  1. Curriculum design embraces themes of awareness, empathy and a more holistic educational approach.
  2. The use of technology fosters connections between classrooms and destinations around the world.
  3. Social action projects use service-based learning to create a deeper awareness of global issues.
  4. Extra-curricular projects offer a variety of tools to promote global citizenship.

Teachers use Learning to Learn Approaches that are linked to the MYP outcomes for Service Learning in order to create extraordinary experiences for students.

In-Class Activities:

  • Newsrooms
  • Student-led events and activities
  • Guest lecturers & workshops

Outside Activities:

  • Service learning opportunities in the local community
  • Work with local business minded people and social entrepreneurs
  • Power Days
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Who Takes Part?

The whole school; as part of our mission as a school to use education as a force for good, the GCP is embedded into our whole school curriculum from the age of 3 to 18. In PYP, it is integrated into the Units of Inquiry to encourage and support students in service action components. In MYP, subject Units support the teaching and learning of GCP, in addition to specially-designed Global Citizenship subject choices for M1 to M4 students. At SIS, we believe that Global Citizenship education is for everyone: children, young people and adults too.

M1- M4 Los alumnos pueden optar por GCP como un curso optativo.

Esto también incluirá alumnos de M5 del año académico 2017-2018.

Los alumnos de Ciudadanía Global del Colegio Internacional de Sotogrande aceptan estas oportunidades para ser lo mejor que pueden ser. Sin embargo, en SIS creemos que la educación para la Ciudadanía Global es para todos también: niños, jóvenes y adultos.

Social Entrepreneurship

At SIS, one of our Educational Goals is ‘To create extraordinary educational experiences for learners which connect with their gifts, passions and purpose’. The Global Citizenship Programme does just this. It provides unique opportunities for students to get involved in Social Entrepreneurship and Service Learning.

Currently, we have a number of students who work directly with Social Entrepreneurs from the wider school community to further their understanding of business skills, therefore, demonstrating the use of education as a force for good in the world. Social entrepreneurship offers the chance to give back to the communities and partnerships with whom we work, both locally and globally.

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Eccolo Partnership

A number of exciting workshops for GCP Students are run by Igor Jecl from the local Italian artisan confectionery business, La Pasqualina. Eccolo provides students with real-life opportunities to work directly with a local social entrepreneur and gain skills in finance, marketing, branding, packaging, and sales.

Extracurricular Clubs

The Kindred Project and The Social Entrepreneurship Projects run extracurricular clubs that take Global Citizenship Education a step further at SIS and provide a whole host of alternative programmes and projects for students to become involved in. Staff that lead the extracurricular clubs facilitate sessions to support additional learning opportunities outside the classroom.

To read more about the exciting work the GCP students have undertaken, please click on this link: dreamingdragonsonline

We are always keen to hear from local social entrepreneurs and business owners. Our school welcomes opportunities for networking and developing partnerships to enrich the learning experiences for Global Citizenship by providing ‘real life’ scenarios. We hope that by doing so students can develop innovative products and services, and further facilitate social entrepreneurship opportunities.

Dreaming Dragons is a well-established brand within the school community and was developed by GCP students. The Dreaming Dragons organisation aims to help students who have innovative ideas to make money by offering advice about business development.

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The Kindred Project

“To promote education as a force for good to help create a more peaceful world.”

The Kindred Project aims to offer young people enriching opportunities to explore, discuss and work together to help sustain change both locally and globally. The project develops leadership and critical-thinking skills through projects that require intercultural understanding and community building.

Service Learning - A blended approach

Service Learning is a structured approach to integrate service into the curriculum. Students apply subject matter to develop plans and partnerships that meet the needs of others. The process incorporates the key IB components of inquiry, action and reflection. Experiencing a service-learning approach within academic lessons has become essential for students as it offers a reliable model for students to take a more independent approach to service.

Independent or classroom learning that leads to action to address a community need is most meaningful when it allows students to incorporate their own interests, skills and talents. The Global CItizenship Programme provides opportunities for this at school, and in the external environment.

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Environmental Sustainability

Sotogrande International School’s concern for the environment has been an intrinsic part of our programme from the very beginning. Every year, we try to introduce different initiatives that will lessen the impact the school has on the environment and that allows us to contribute to the improvement of the planet’s sustainability. Considering the size of our school, we know even the smallest of our efforts can make a big difference. In addition, our students are also taught about how to care for the environment using a multidisciplinary approach within the school curriculum, and through distinct Global Citizenship Programme Projects.

How Do We Help?

We are committed to implementing long-lasting changes at SIS to help reduce our school’s negative impact on the environment and aim to begin with our attitudes and actions to help increase progress in this area. We are in the process of applying for Eco-school status and are working on projects to support this application.

These include:

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Thinking Green

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Global Citizenship Programme Testimonials

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