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The Elite Sports Programme forms a structured pathway for student-athletes. Sotogrande International School works in partnership with sports academies to offer a solution for balancing the high academic and sporting demands placed young, talented sportspeople. 

The first rung on the ladder is for our Future Champions, progressing to the Junior Champions and ultimately the Elite Champions. Our aim is for student-athletes to leave the programme prepared and ready for university scholarships and beyond.



The Golf Programme of Elite Sports is an initiative dedicated to the overall growth and development of young golfers across the world in a beautiful environment in the Costa del Sol.


Polo is a difficult sport to learn without the right coaching or opportunities which Sotogrande Polo Academy is determined to change. Recognising the importance of investing in the future of polo and create pathways for the next generations to come, Polo Valley and Sotogrande International School have partnered to create the first polo academy in the world.



SotoTennis Academy (STA) was opened in June 2010 by Dan Kiernan, former British #1 Doubles Player. Over the last 11 years, STA has become one of Spain’s most renowned tennis academies, located in the exquisite Sotogrande.

STA's team of expert coaches deliver individualised programmes to players in a robust team environment. Each player, whilst receiving the many benefits of STA's strong team unity, has their own Lead Coach who manages the team around them, ensuring ultimate accountability for success on and off the court. The Lead Coach ensures that each individual has the private tuition, sparring, physical programme and sport science support they need in line with goals set. STA aims to provide an environment and opportunities that inspire and enable its players to maximise their potential through hard work and dedication.


SIS is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new elite swimming programme aimed at swimmers who wish to focus on their sporting commitments without compromising on academic success.



Summit Basketball Academy, in partnership with the Elite Sports Programme, will provide motivated prospective student-athletes access to high-level advanced basketball instruction to help them reach their goals on and off the court.

Elite Sports Programme:



College Guidance and Scholarships

During the program, students work with Sotogrande International School, its sports academies and specialized agencies, which obtained the best guidance and support to maximize their opportunities to obtain sports scholarships at universities in the United States.



Program flexibility

The Junior and Elite Champions programs have been designed with the aim that students can attend tournaments that coincide with school hours. With this in mind, it is facilitated that they can participate in the championships while maintaining the academic level during this period. Additional tutoring is offered, if needed, for those who have attended competitions.