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International Schools Theatre Association

Sotogrande International School was proud to host the ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association) High School Drama Connect Festival in February. ISTA ’s aim is to bring together young people, artists and teachers from different countries in different settings to experience and learn about theatre, culture and our global community.

For the event, we were joined by 89 students from 6 international schools and residents from Hogar Betania (a local not-for-profit association, who provide assistance to people in situations of social exclusion).  Over the course of the 3 days, 5 ISTA professional theatre artists delivered ensemble workshops exploring the concept of ´Home is…´ Students looked into how we can connect with one another and create meaning through non-verbal communication. Through using theatre as the language for communicating across cultures, our students and audience were provided with an inspiring and cathartic experience.

Drama Sotogrande International School
Drama, dance and filming workshops

The collaboration of local artists helped to make this a real community event. Reynard Productions led hands-on filming workshops, Gibraltarian artist, Nathan Conroy, provided an inspirational workshop on ‘Movement and Stomp’ and our multi-talented SIS teachers led an incredibly dynamic session on Spanish Sevillianas. The process itself created many magical moments of intercultural interchange and the level of commitment and skill from all students involved was incredible.

Later in the month many of the Sotogrande School students involved went on to attend a similar ISTA event at JFK school in Berlin, where again their motivation, passion and talent as drama students clearly shone.

We would like to thank the students that participated, the audience that attended, the parents that hosted the visiting schools and to all those behind the scenes that helped make this an unforgettable event.

Christine Barling
Theatre & Leader of Learning – The Arts

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