Dive in… to the New Sotogrande International School Swim Programme


Hello everyone, my name is Samantha and I’m delighted to be joining the team here at the International School as the school’s first-ever dedicated Swim Coach. I was previously based in Ireland where I established and ran a Swim Ireland swim team, developing swimmers from beginners starting out on their competitive careers to elite athletes taking part in international competitions.

I love the challenge of bringing on talent and I’m always on the lookout for new swimmers so you may often find me prowling around the campus on the hunt for new team members! I’m really excited about leading the school’s swimming programme, engendering a love of the water in all of our students and uncovering all the talent that is out there in our community. 

My primary role in the school is to develop swimming as a competitive sport. Along with the fabulous facilities here, SIS can now offer its students the opportunity to be part of a competitive swim squad, taking part in events both locally and internationally.

In addition to developing the school’s competitive swim programme, I’m also here to teach and to advise on the school’s swimming curriculum. This involves working with the PE Team to ensure that there is a consistently high standard of swim teaching across all year groups.

My final role within the school is as a provider of extra-curricular swimming classes after school and on Saturdays. This means that children can continue to swim on a regular basis throughout the year. Soto-Swim Academy classes are taught in small groups and pupils are placed with other children of similar abilities so that they can really make quick progress with their swimming.


Swimming opens the door to a whole range of other sports, so I’m passionate about getting as many pupils as possible into the pool and developing and enhancing their aquatic skills, for fun, for competition and for life.

We may already have some amazing swimmers in our midst here in the International School, but equally, we may also have some amazing surfers, water-skiers, triathletes, rowers, water polo players and many, many more – who knows what talent is out there unless we provide the means to uncover it? By learning to swim, our students have access to so many more opportunities and we want to encourage them in all these areas.


Swimming is truly a ‘cradle to grave’ sport – a sport that we can participate in throughout our entire lives, so it’s really important to try to learn these skills at a young age. Regular swimming helps to develop strong bones and muscles and promotes flexibility and coordination, not to mention burning off excess energy and fat which helps with a good night’s sleep.

We want our students to absorb the principles of a healthy lifestyle early on and benefit not only from the physical side of swimming but also from the improvement in self-confidence and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning new skills.


Taking part in swimming lessons gives our students a chance to develop their social skills and make friends. In the pool, children learn how to act appropriately around others and to respect other people’s space. They also find out that the pool is a fun place to be!


It’s the only sport that can save your life – surely the most important reason of all to learn to swim. We all want our children to be safe in and around the water, so please support the swimming programme here at the International School and encourage your child to participate fully, to reach their own potential and be the best that they can be.


Make sure your child always has their swim kit with them – swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, towel, sunscreen and flip flops – and make sure they never miss a session!

See you at the pool!

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