Day Without Digital

On Friday the 12th of January, Sotogrande International School held the first in what is hoped to become a yearly tradition, a Day Without Digital. The event was organized by Mr. Lang’s D2 English B class.

The Idea

The idea for the day was borne out of discussions about how science and technology are changing the way we learn in classes, and whether or not we are using technology in its best way possible. The students debated the role of technology in education. They then proposed the idea of a ‘Day Without Digital’ to the School Leadership Team. They were surprised when the idea was approved!

Planning for Lessons

Teachers were asked to imagine it was 1975, and to plan and deliver their lessons as they would have been at that time. This meant that they were to avoid excessive photocopies, using videos and smartboards, Ipads and laptops; all the things normally used in lessons. They needed to be creative to get around the challenges of the Day without Digital! Teachers embraced the day and planned interesting and engaging lessons for the students to take part in.

Comments from teachers include;

“It was wonderful to just teach and avoid the stress of reading emails that load our days. We should reflect as a school about the use or abuse of technology.”

“I enjoyed seeing kids having more conversations and engaging with each other instead of looking at their screens.”

One of the most fun aspects of the day was Mr. Wickersham playing his records from the 1970s. Students danced and played to disco and soul from the Golden Era.

Students found it a little harder!

Students have also had a chance to give feedback. While many students struggled to give up their technology, most understood that the purpose of the day was for us to reflect on our technology habits and many came away feeling that the experience was positive.

The feeling from students and teachers alike is that this is an event that we’d like to see repeated.

Mr Paul Lang






English Language Acquisition & Personal Project Coordinator

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