Community Project at Sotogrande International School

Learning through community service is an important process, which forms part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP). As part of the curriculum, 3rd year Secondary School pupils at Sotogrande International School are carrying out a self-led Community Project, where teachers evaluate the skills that the pupils develop during the process.

MYP Community ProjectMYP Community Project

As proposed by the United Nations, the MYP Community Project connects learning in the classrooms with real social needs. The approach and the objectives of the project are chosen by the pupils themselves, setting their own goals and challenges through a research, planning, action and reflection process. The duration of the project is six months, which, in itself,  is an added complexity for pupils of this age (13/14 years old).

MYP Community ProjectThe Projects

During this time, twenty-nine different projects are being carried out at a local, national and international level. There is collaboration with organisations in Uganda, Ecuador and Morocco to promote the right to education in developing countries. Other local projects include working with the association Bandera Rosa de Algeciras which supports women with breast cancer and Hogar Betania that helps people at risk of social exclusion.  Work is also being carried out with Tierra de Hombres, an NGO that offers health support at Hospital Carlos Haya in Malaga to children in need all over the world. Other projects are aimed at raising awareness and creating action in different areas such as the environment, people with special needs, animal refuge centres, the development of social skills for children, technological innovation, health and sport among others.






Gara Hernández
Spanish & Community Project Coordinator

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