Christmas at the Boarding House

Christmas is a time when families come together to celebrate, and the Boarding family at SIS is no different! 

It is a time to reflect on things we are grateful for and to bring people together. At the Boarding House, we encourage our students to look back on the progress they have made this term and look at what they can achieve in the new year. This past month has been a celebration of our boarder’s accomplishments, as we embraced the season with decorations, dinners and a range of different activities!

Boarding Christmas Cheer

At the start of December, several of our boarders helped decorate the cantina and reception area. They came together to make paper snowflakes, decorated a Christmas tree and hung fairy lights around the house. Everyone was ready for the festivities to begin!

Boarding Christmas Upcycling

Some of our younger students took a more hands-on approach to decorating the boarding house. They took a forgotten wooden palette and upcycled it by painting it black, added a white Christmas tree and some colourful fairy lights. As a team, we want to encourage and support our students with creative and exciting new projects such as this one. Experiential learning is a fundamental part of being a boarder, encouraging personal growth and discovering new interests and friendships! 

Now the tree is sitting proudly in our cantina!

Christmas Charity Work

Many of our boarders take part in events and activities organised by KP and December is no exception! Klaudie, Gulio and Milosz volunteered to put together Christmas hampers for local families in need. Varvara and many other boarders helped out at the Christmas Market selling sweet treats to raise money. It is important the students have an opportunity to give something back to the community, sharing the festive spirit and thinking of the less fortunate.

Boarding Christmas Party

We recently had the annual Boarding House Christmas meal. The evening was a hit with over 80 students attending and there was plenty of Christmas cheer! Mr Debenham was in charge of bingo and we had several prizes including a giant teddy bear who appeared in our Instagram last week. Mr Berry even dressed as Santa! 

A big congratulations to Thomas who won the giant teddy bear! 

After an intense game of bingo, everyone was encouraged to sit around the projector and play the kahoot quiz. The quiz was based on the Boarding House Team, involving funny and embarrassing anecdotes where the students had to pick who had done what. It also included a ‘Guess Who I Am’ round which included pictures of the team as toddlers! The students discovered who had run the London Marathon and who had tea with the queen. Judging by their reactions, the students were shocked at some of the answers! 

To finish off a phenomenal evening, everyone had the opportunity to have their photos taken in the Christmas themed photo booth along with enjoying churros and chocolate! 

It has been a wonderful first term at the Boarding House and celebrating with the students has been a lovely way to kick start the Christmas season!

Santa came to the Boarding House again this year – the Boarding House’s inflatable Santa made his much anticipated annual appearance. He is a fantastic addition to the house during the Christmas period and he is always very popular with the students. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

The Boarding Team

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