An Inspired School

The Boarding Team is a caring, committed, inspiring, and friendly group of people from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to the wellbeing and welfare of every student. Each member inspires and encourages the students to grab every opportunity, combining academia with exceptional extra curricular experiences. This approach equips our boarders with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace new challenges and creates exceptional memories and life long friendships during their time at SIS.


Head of Boarding House 


Charles Debenham has an abundance of experience within the educational and boarding sectors. He has been living at the Boarding House along with his family for four years and has helped the Boarding community grow to where it is today, with over 100 students.

Having worked in education for over 15 years, Charles developed his passion for Boarding provision and International Schooling, gaining experience in countries such as Australia, Finland, South Korea, Spain and the UK.

The Boarding House Supervisors

The Boarding Supervisors take on many different roles throughout their time at the Boarding House. With their diverse backgrounds, they bring a wealth of different strengths to the team. They support the students in every aspect of boarding life, from academics to nutrition, as well as encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. The supervisors ensure a safe environment, maximising the student’s ability to enjoy life at Sotogrande. They join the students during many aspects of life at SIS, such as weekend activities, school events and games inside the boarding house. This allows them to get to know each person as an individual, encouraging them to think independently and build their confidence, preparing them for their future.

Management Team


Laureana Armitage and Gene Chapman support Charles in running the Boarding House. Laure focuses on the pastoral and academic care of the students, while Gene looks at pastoral care and the active life of the students. They are a dynamic team who anyone can reach out to whenever they need.

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Boarding staff
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Live-in Staff


The Boarding House also benefits from 4 live-in interns, Megan, Sean, Cameron and Muriel, who work within the school and in boarding. They not only offer extra support to the students acting as mentors and guiding them in their daily choices but are also available for specialised academic support and university entrance advice.

The Nursing Team

Lynnette, Mila and Claire are qualified nurses who work at the Boarding House every morning and at school during the day.  Any time a student feels unwell or is in need of care, the nurses are available to provide this. Lynnette is also part of the Boarding House supervisory team which allows her to support the students pastorally.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

The Housekeeping and Maintenance teams are responsible for ensuring our home is well looked after. Most of the team have been there since the opening of the Boarding House. The students are encouraged to contact them with any problems or questions, creating a community atmosphere at the boarding house.


The Kitchen Staff

The kitchen staff, lead by Luciano, have been cooking wonderful and nutritious meals at the Boarding House for 5 years.  Luciano has a passion for food and fresh produce and ensures every meal option is packed with nutrients ensuring each student receives a balanced and
delicious diet.