Sotogrande Boarding School

Our international Boarding School near Malaga welcomes students from overseas, Malaga, Marbella, Estepona, and the rest of Andalusia into a warm and vibrant international community. Our specialised boarding staff deeply care about each student, and foster a home-like environment at our stunning campus, set amongst Southern Spain’s lush green golf courses. The first-class facilities are located just 30 minutes from Gibraltar, and 1 hour from Malaga and Jerez airports.

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A Boarding School in the South of Spain Perfect for Every Student’s Needs

Our Boarding School in the South of Spain is sure to exceed your expectations.
As a top Boarding School in Sotogrande, we aim to address the learning and personal needs of our students by offering a premium, holistic experience to fully support the development of student residents as they undertake curricular and extracurricular endeavours.

We provide great facilities in a warm and nurturing residence, equipped with high technology, first-class amenities, 24-hour security services, and exceptional academic support in a unique international environment, in which house members feel right at home.

Our Boarding School: The Best Option for Your Child

We aspire to achieve the following:

  • A safe, supportive environment for all students.
  • Assistance in the development and growth of each individual.
  • A spirit of communal and independent responsibility.
  • A trusting and motivating space that promotes development in every educational sphere (academically, socially, morally and culturally).
  • A diverse, engaging and enriching additional activities programme.
Rooms at Sotogrande Boarding School

Boarding School Philosophy

Our dedicated on-site team aims to support and challenge each individual to reach their full potential. The Boarding House provides a safe, welcoming space in which students can be fully immersed in school life. Students are encouraged to take part in every aspect of boarding life, helping them to grow and develop into happy, motivated and aspirational citizens.

The Environment at Our Boarding House

Sotogrande International Boarding House is an incredibly rewarding and enriching environment, underpinned by a vibrant international community of dedicated staff who care for each student and a diverse student community that show support and respect to their peers. We offer exceptional accommodation, nutritional advice, academic support and an excellent range of extracurricular activities for all to enjoy after school, at weekends and during holidays.

English is the most widely spoken language at the Boarding School residence, although as an international community with more than 35 nationalities, we accept students from all cultures and backgrounds

Boarding School Options

At Sotogrande International Boarding School, we believe that each border is important. Our boarding school leaders aim to fulfil the needs of students and their families by offering a series of flexible boarding options.

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Full Boarding

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Weekday Boarding

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Learning System

Discover our first-class Boarding House

In our constantly-changing world, Sotogrande International School is proud to offer a steadfast commitment to education through a child-centred approach. We continuously strive to transform our educational environment to suit the needs of our students and this philosophy is present in each facet of our school and boarding community. We offer a personalised learning system on the IB curriculum, in which each student can utilise their gifts and skills, and build upon areas for improvement. Our Boarding School students may study under the International Baccalaureate system. Alternatively, they may select one of the two other options for study at the baccalaureate stage: the American Education System and the A-Level course. All baccalaureate-level curriculums promote linguistic immersion in several languages.

We look forward to our fabulous academic provision with you and introducing your child to an enriching curriculum tailored to their needs.

Head of the Boarding house Sotogrande

Head of the Boarding House

Charles Debenham has an abundance of experience within the educational and boarding sectors. Along with his family, he has lived at the Boarding House for four years, helping the Boarding community grow to nurture over 100 children. Having worked in education for over 15 years, Charles developed his passion for Boarding provision and international schooling after gaining teaching experience in Australia, Finland, South Korea, Spain and the UK.

Boarding School Facilities

Our Boarding School in Sotogrande features refurbished, first class facilities that have been inspired by the requests of students in our boarding community and designed to enhance their premium boarding experience.

Resident students feel at home in their rooms surrounded by home comforts and have access to everything they need in the Boarding House to make their stay complete and comfortable.

Common Rooms

Our Boarding House Common Rooms provide young residents with comfortable areas to relax and enjoy their free time. In addition to offering enriching academic tuition, our boarding school also seeks to develop children's social and emotional competencies. Access to a safe, shared space helps learners build bonds and friendships with one another. During evenings and weekends, students socialise in the bright modern setting and play games, organise trips, watch films, or read in the company of their peers.

Student Council

The SIS Boarding House environment is peaceful and harmonious due partly to the wonderful relationship between students and Boarding House staff. The Student Council is pivotal in maintaining a mutually respectful home environment. At School Council meetings, elected members advocate for their fellow housemates and bring issues and suggestions to the attention of staff. They also ensure students are informed of changes to the boarding house schedule, meal plan, and activities list.

Interior of Boarding School Spain
Room of a Boarding School
Meeting room in Sotogrande Boarding house
Exterior of Boarding house
Entrance to Malaga Boarding School
Top view of Boarding house in Sotogrande
Kitchen for boarders
Bedrooms in Boarding house Andalusia
Boarding house rest areas
Boarding house dorms in Spain
Eating area of Boarding School
The South of Spain Boarding School entrance
Residents hall at Sotogrande Boarding School
Bathroom at Spanish Boarding School
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Activities for Boarders

The activity provision at Sotogrande International School and the Boarding House offered is exceptional. As a result, boarders truly do have the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the great range of activities provided by the school, while the Boarding House also offers an extensive activity package that all boarding learners can take advantage of during the week and at the weekend. From 20:30 pm to 21:30 pm each evening, there is always a fun Boarding School activity offered, which students are welcomed to participate in. Evening activities range from using the school sports areas for weekly indoor football practice, to fiercely-competitive quizzes (!) or more sedate cookery classes.

Our aim is to cater to students with interests in varying activities to encourage participation and a sense of togetherness. Amongst teenagers especially, there does seem to be a constant battle in balancing screen time with in-person socialisation and we aim to provide exciting, educational activities that enable us to do this.

Activities for residents at Boarding house in Spain

Weekend Activities

It is our firm belief that we offer the best weekend boarding activity programme in the world. Our students have the chance to participate in truly outstanding, memorable experiences.

Past activities include: Helicopter-flying; speed boat riding; PADI Scuba certification; kitesurfing; cinema trips; cultural events, such as local Ferias and visits to surrounding cities; tenpin bowling; FootGolf; bubble football and live sporting events, such as watching Real Madrid play football are just some of the experiences that we offer. Our boarding students have also seen Unicaja play basketball, watched professional motorcycling and much, much more!

Boarding School Team

The Boarding Team is a caring, committed and friendly group of people from diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to the wellbeing and welfare of every student. Each member inspires and encourages the students to grab every available opportunity for self-actualisation, while combining academia with exceptional extra curricular experiences.

This integrated approach equips our boarders with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace new challenges, creates exceptional memories and cultivates life-long friendships during their time at SIS.

Supervisors of school residence in Malaga

Boarding House Supervisors

Spain Boarding School Faculty

Management Team

Malaga Boarding School staff

Live-in Staff

nurses at Sotogrande school residence house

The Nursing Team

Excellent service team at Sotogrande Boarding School

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Best meals for Boarding School residents in the South of Spain

The Kitchen Staff

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