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Our Location

Our Boarding House is a warm, vibrant international community, with dedicated staff who care for each student. Our stunning campus is set among the luscious green golf courses of Southern Spain. The boarding facilities are conveniently located only 30 minutes from Gibraltar, and 1 hour from both Malaga and Jerez airports.

Our Philosophy

Our dedicated onsite team aims to support and challenge each individual to reach their full potential. The Boarding House provides a safe, welcoming space in which students can be fully immersed in school-life. Students are encouraged to take part in every aspect of boarding life, helping them to grow and develop into happy, motivated and aspirational citizens.

Our Community

Sotogrande International Boarding House is an incredibly rewarding and enriching environment in which to study and live. We offer exceptional accommodation, nutritional advice, academic support and an outstanding array of extracurricular activities. 

English is the commonly spoken language in the Boarding House, although as an international community with over 20 nationalities, we embrace every culture within the environment.

We aspire to achieve the following:

  • To provide a safe, supportive environment for all students.
  • To assist in the development and growth of each individual.
  • To promote a spirit of communal and independent responsibility.
  • To offer a trusting and motivating space that promotes development in every educational sphere (academically, socially, morally and culturally).
  • To offer a diverse, engaging and enriching activity programme.
Flexible boarding

Our boarding options are flexible and we aim to suit the needs of each family. We offer both full-time boarding as well as weekday boarding, where students stay on campus during the week and return to their families on the weekends.

Discover our first-class Boarding House

In our constantly changing world, Sotogrande International School is proud to offer a steadfast commitment to education through our agile approach. We strive to continually transform our educational environment to suit the needs of our students. This philosophy is present in each facet of our school and in our boarding community. 

We offer a trusted hybrid learning system, which can easily adapt to today’s current environment, permitting live online lessons where in-class learning isn’t possible. We look forward to sharing our rigorous academic offering and enriching curriculum with you.

Find out more

If you’d like to discover more about our international boarding and learn about our approach to continued education, please complete the form.


Boarding Handbook 2019-2020 (English)


Boarding House Handbook (Spanish)


Boarding House Handbook (Chinese)


Boarding Handbook 2018-2019 (Russian)

Boarding + 40+ years educational excellence

40+ years educational excellence

Boarding + First-class onsite facilities

First-Class onsite facilities

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2020 Academic Results Best In Our History

Boarding + Flexi-boarding options

Flexi-boarding options

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Full IB Programme