Best physics lesson in the Universe!

Newton’s laws of motion and gravity

The idea of a school sky dive started in the midst of an IB physics lesson studying Newton’s laws of motion and gravity. What better way to study these laws than to employ the full sensory experience of a human being and actually jump from an aircraft and fall to the ground. The idea for the “Best physics lesson in the Universe” was born.

Fast forward to May 22nd and not only with a bunch of Physics students but also a host of other students, teachers and one parent, a total of 28 we all found ourselves hurtling through the air at about 200 kms per hour before deploying the parachute and landing. It was an incredible experience for all.

Best physics lesson in the Universe!

Isabelle Tate’s reflection

Waking up at 4 am to start the nerve-wracking day ahead was unpleasant to say the least. We were sleepy-eyed yet excited for the day ahead. The journey to Sevilla entailed that we drive almost 3 hours before daylight in order to make it to the airfield. The first jumpers were at around 9 am and we were all very nervous for them, as none of us knew what to expect, especially them. As more people jumped, the nerves began to settle as everyone said it was amazing and not the least bit scary. Although, my nerves started to pick up when it got to my turn for getting into the suit. As we flew up in the plane and the altitude was increasing, I was shaking.

And then it was my turn to jump!

I was first to jump after the professionals and I remember saying “no, no, not now” as I hadn’t prepared myself. Yet before I knew it, we had jumped out of the plane and the feeling was completely different to how I had imagined it. I expected a sickening feeling but instead it was thrilling! I was laughing for most of it. Once the parachute opened, this gave me a chance to actually take in my surroundings and realise how high we actually were. It was almost surreal. By the time I could take it all in, we were on the ground. Skydiving is one of the best experiences I have ever had and I would definitely do it again.

Best physics lesson in the Universe!

Victoria’s video diary

Mark Woolly

MYP Science and Mathematics

& Diploma Physics


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