Asni Family Trip

Following on from the success of last year, this half term, The Kindred Project and Association Tiwizi are offering SIS families with children between P1 and M3 a life-shaping experience in Asni, a Moroccan village in the magical foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. Throughout your stay, you will be immersed into a rich intercultural exchange through hands-on voluntary activities with the local community, which SIS has been supporting since 2007! Additionally, not only will you have the opportunity to spend valuable time together as a family, your children will enjoy their time playing with local children of similar ages, making memorable friends forever. This Family Trip will be a win-win opportunity for all involved and promises to build the skill set, values and attitudes that will enable your family to contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable and peaceful world, whilst having an experience of a lifetime. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience!


*I ran, I jumped, I trekked, I fell, I climbed, picked saffron, I danced, I sung, I laughed, I cried, I even cooked a goat and made a rap video with two local students! Most importantly however, I made new friends forever. Asni, thank you for an inspirational time, your beauty has overwhelmed me but your highest asset in my eyes will always be your people. I look forward to our next encounter*.”

*Sam Reynard, SIS Alumni.*


*“It has been a privilege for me to have been able to share a small amount of time with you in your community. I feel that although we have a lot left to do, what we are already doing together far outweighs what is left to do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to be here with you.”

**Sonia Garcia, SIS parent*


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