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In July, Sotogrande International School students, along with students from around the world received their IB results. The graduating class of 2018 received an outstanding set of results that perfectly reflected the effort and commitment the students have demonstrated over the past two years. Of the students who took the IB Diploma, an impressive ten achieved more than  40 points, with two achieving a perfect score of 45/45 IB Points. The average points score of 34 once again remained well above the world average.

Students’ future plans include studying at some of the top universities around the world such as San Diego and Boston College in the US, Russell Group Universities such as Exeter, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Kings College in the UK, the highly sought after TU Delft in the Netherlands, and ICADE in Madrid. They are following a variety of career paths with examples such as Engineering, Law, Physics, Medicine and Banking to name a few. Special congratulations also go to two of our students,  on achieving full scholarships to continue their education at universities in the US. “This year’s excellent results and exceptional placements at some of the most prestigious universities around the world is a testament to our students’ maturity, hard work and passion. This, in turn, is matched by the dedication of our teaching staff” said Jason Mungles, Head of University & Career Counselling.

We wish the graduating class of 2018 well as they take the next steps into their future and set about making a positive difference in the world.

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