We believe in the education of the whole person as a lifelong process. At SIS the Upper School programme promotes the education of the whole person by emphasising intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth through all domains of knowledge. Learning is focused on the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent critical and creative thought, and international-mindedness. 

The majority of our students study for the full IB Diploma. However, we recognise that each child is an individual with different talents and needs and because of this we also offer alternative learning pathways. Students have the opportunity to study a selection of IB Diploma Programme Courses, which contain many of the same elements as the diploma with less stringent academic requirements. We also offer the SIS High School Diploma which is internally assessed over the last four years of High School and often accompanied by American SAT exams.

We believe strongly in the efficacy of experiential and service learning and all upper school students are expected to participate in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) . CAS is at the heart of our diploma programmes and is given great value at SIS, where we provide an extensive programme of global citizenship and community service opportunities.

A team of well-qualified and experienced subject teachers nurture and stimulate our 

students to be the best that they can be. Students are supported through an excellent pastoral programme which, along with student welfare, incorporates learning to learn skills, university preparation and guidance and CAS guidance.

At SIS we are keen to recruit students who are able to develop both academically and personally. The main criterion for entry is that the student has the potential to be successful on their chosen programme.


Kevin Stone

Head of Upper School

Sotogrande International School

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Sotogrande International School

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