Head of Sotogrande International School

James Kearney

Head and CEO

Senior Leadership Team

Kevin Stone
Head of Secondary School
Teacher of Physical & Health Education

Emma Butler
Head of Primary

Carmelo Sánchez
Head of Information Technology
Teacher of Information and Computer Technology & Design

Charles Debenham
Head of Boarding, Diploma Geography

Elisabeth Halter
Head of Admissions

Enrique del Viso Martín
Head of  Operations

Consuelo Mota Pérez
Head of Administration & Finance


Maria Helena Azuara (Lynn)
Teacher of EC1

Veronica Helou
Teacher of EC1

Encarni Sánchez Castillo
Teacher of EC1

Lisa Cahill
Teacher of P1

Hiria Gutiérrez Ozores
Teacher of P1

Lucia Stagnetto
Leader of Learning: Early Childhood, Teacher of EC2

Tomas Brown
Teacher of EC2

Marta Lamosa
Teacher of EC2

Ysabella Sheppard-Capurro
Teacher of P1

Claire Casson
PYP Assistant

Debra McCormack
Teacher of P2

Miren Cournane
Teacher of P2

Gabi Craciun
Teacher of P2

Cari Romans
Teacher of P2

Marta del Águila
Teacher of P3

Laura Ruiz
Teacher of P3

Joana Santos
Teacher of P3, ICT, Music

Lisa Clegg
Teacher of P3

Eliza Cherry
Teacher of P4

Carol Hartland
Teacher of P4

Kenny Romans 
Teacher of P4

Matt Morton
Teacher of P4

Donna Morrison
Teacher of P5

Charlotte Torregrosa
Teacher of P6

Christopher Cournane
Deputy of Primary: Pastoral, Teacher of P6

Lisa Reynolds
Leader of Learning: Inquiry, Teacher of P6

Andrea Bennett Cáceres
Deputy of Primary: Academics, Teacher of P6

Sonia Avilés Muñoz
Leader of Learning, Spanish, PYP Spanish Teacher 

Ana Correro
PYP Spanish & LOMCE

Magdalena Gárcia Merino
PYP Spanish & LOMCE

Irene Jiménez Negrete
PYP Spanish & LOMCE

Marta Hernandez 
Teacher of Spanish

Sara López
Teacher of Spanish, LOMSE

Gemma Tocón Barroso
Teacher of Spanish, Teaching Assistant

Luis Filipe Diogo Saraiva
Teacher of Music, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator

Lola Villa Carretero
Teacher of PE, Extracurricular Activities Coordinator

Fiona Clarkson
Teacher of English Language Development

Jane Cameron
Learning Support

Bartolome rondan
Teacher of PE


Linda Campbell
PYP Teaching Assistant


María Cano
PYP Teaching Assistant

Joanne Munday
PYP Teaching Assistant

Janet Newman
Teaching Assistant, Boarding Supervisor

Maureen Smith
PYP Teaching Assistant

Claire Tosh
PYP Teaching Assistant

Octavio Aldana
PYP Teaching Assistant

Danielle Lima
PYP Teaching Assistant

Aimee Barker
PYP Teaching Assistant



Christine Barling
Leader of Learning in Arts, Teacher of Theatre

Jorge Antunez Neira
Teacher of Spanish, LOMCE Secondary and Primary

Mark Barling
Leader of Learning: Individuals and Societies, Teacher of Individuals and Societies

Loreto Díaz
Leader of Learning: Maths, Teacher of Maths

Belén González
Deputy Head of Secondary: MYP Coordinator, Teacher of Language Acquisition English

Emilie Bosson
Teacher of Language Acquisition French

Juana Carrasco Gallego
Leader of Learning in
Language Acquisition , Teacher Spanish

Lisa Kearney
Leader of Learning: Science, Teacher of Science

Michael Cronin
Deputy Head of Secondary: Head of Pastoral Care Secondary, Teacher of Design

Álvaro Fernández Acosta
Teacher of PE

Gara Hernández
Community Project Coordinator, Teacher of Spanish Language Acquisition

Katherine Jenny Hoad
Teacher of English

Mitzi Ingram
Teacher of English Language

Jade Tattershall
Teacher of English Language Development

Jesús Veléz
Teacher of I&S

Maria Florenzano
Teacher of LOMCE and Spanish

Olaf Kievit
Pastoral Leader: D2, Teacher of Science

Paul Lang
Personal Project Coordinator, Teacher of Language Acquisition English

Diane Jones
Teacher of DP Music

Zdenka Lesova
Teacher of Individuals and Societies, TOK

Jennifer Liptrot
GCP Coordinator, Teacher of Language Acquisition English, Teacher of Individuals and Societies

Ivan Moore
Pastoral Leader: M5, Teacher of Science

Jane McCann
Public Speaking Coordinator, Teacher of English Language and Literature

Eva María García
Teacher of Spanish Language Acquisition

Javier Orozco
Sub Director Technica, Teacher of Spanish Language and Literature and LOMCE

Lourdes Villafranca
Directora Technica, Teacher of Language and Literature Spanish

Jason Mungles
Head of University/Careers Guidence, Teacher of History

Lisa Mungles
Leader of Learning: English Language Development, Teacher of English Language Development

Marre Nieman
Leader of Learning: PE, Teacher of PE

Margaret O’Farrell
Teacher of Art

Roberta Conway
Teacher of Chemistry

Arianne Parkinson
Pastoral Leader: M1, Teacher of Maths

Maria Pinnock-Rolph
Teacher of Individuals & Societies

Peter Reichert
Leader of Learning in Design, Teacher of Design

Rocío Ruiz Burgos
Leader of Learning in
Language Acquisition, Teacher of Spanish

Teacher of PE, Teacher of Individuals and Societies

Lisa Stone
Leader of Learning: Language and Literature, Teacher of English Language and Literature

Pilar Urrestarazu
Teacher of English Language

Susan Stafford
Teacher of English Language

Paula Arqués
Learning Support

Kerry Wickersham
Head of Music, Teacher of Music

Tracey Willock Maes
Pastoral Leader: D1, Teacher of Language and Literature English

Andrea Wiltshire
Pastoral Leader: M3, Teacher of Science

Mark Woolley
TOK Coordinator, Teacher of Science

Darren Mortimer
Pastoral Leader: M4, Teacher of Film

Noemi Escobar Correro
Lab Technician

Phil Berry
Deputy House Master, Teacher of Science

Kevin Smith
Teacher of Science

Hélène Caillet 
Deputy Head Secondary: IB Diploma Coordinator, Teacher of Language Acquisition French

Eder Pascual
Teacher of Design, Teacher of Computer Science

Julie Ann Hilton
Teacher of English

Yulia Knottenbelt
Teacher of Russian

Tim Knight
Teacher of Maths

Tim Kirby 
Teacher of Design

Stephanie Laureyns
Teacher of PE

Chris French
Head of Academic Sports Programme

Sergio Castro Dominguez
Teacher of Maths

Heidi Moyano Stradmann
Pastoral Leader M2, Teacher of Spanish and PE

Susan Davies
Leader of Learning Support

Joel Bihary
Teacher of English Language Development

Grace Carter
Learning Support and Boarding House Intern

Larisa Malikova
Boarding Supervisor

Monica Popham
Boarding House Intern

Laetitia Knight
Teacher of English Language Acquisition

Isabel Marín
Teacher of Language and Literature Spanish

Joey Neale-Jennings
Teacher of Maths

Katie Rowlands
Teacher of Maths

Diana Szyperska
Teacher of Individuals and Societies, TOK

Paul Teale
Teacher of Maths

Andrea Welsh
Teacher of Art

Rheanne Lee
Boarding House Intern, Assistant in PE

Brigitte Schone
Teacher of Language Acquisition German

Maria José Franco Pereira
Primary English Language Development Coordinator, Teacher English Language Development


Valentina Stirling Fernández
The Kindred Project Coordinator

Jade Vidler
Deputy Housemistress, The Kindred Project

Sara Hagglof

Samantha Weaver
 Swimming Coach

Javier Gonzalez Cabello
Learning Support

Lynette Hillman
School Nurse

Carmen Vargas
School Nurse

Nuria Gomez
School Counsellor

Henry Reyes González
Reception Front Desk

Esther Liñan


Fabián Mateos Pérez
Head of Maintenance

Christian Durán Vargas
Network Manager

Adrián Mateo
IT Support

Jose Manuel Pulpillo
IT Support

Francisco Berenguer Valadez
Maintenance & School Bus Driver

Juan Domingo Tello Alfaro
Maintenance & School Bus Driver

Serge Kasongo
Maintenance & School Bus Driver

Pedro Lirio García
Maintenance & School Bus Driver

David Espinosa

Juan Jose Delgado
School Security

Andrés Sarria Valarino
School Security

Grelis Arias


Olga Francis
HR Officer

Covadonga Basagoiti
Product Manager

Maria Rodriguez
HR Coordinator

Érica del Manzano
Events and Trips Coordinator

Ana Maria Cazorla
Senior Admissions Officer

Marta Morillo Llorca
Admissions Assistant

Guadalupe Vélez Sánchez

Ana Castillero Navarrete

Belén Mateo

María del Carmen Ballesteros

Juan Carlos Quirós Caballero
Graphic Designer,

Lidia Benitez
Graphic Designer,
SEO, SEM & Web Manager,Marketing,
Photographer & videographer

Amalia Ocaña Castillo
Community Manager ,
Marketing &
Photographer Assistant

Sophie Tilley
Marketing Assistant

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