A Serious Play for M2 Drama Students


The M2 students as part of their Arts Carousel course, experience 9 weeks of Drama. This is often the first time many of the students experience the challenge of working on a serious play.

The Play

The play ‘DNA’  written by Dennis Kelly follows the lives of a group of young teenagers who cover up a terrible event. They believe that they have accidentally killed their friend ‘Adam’ in a prank that has gone wrong. As we meet and follow the different characters in the play we see how social frameworks and power struggles are at the heart of human society.

‘DNA’ by its very title, questions mankind’s evolution and inhumanity. 

Drama, Sotogrande International School

Student Performances

Each of the four arts groups is given one of the acts to interpret and perform. The final short fourth Act is devised and extended with a different outcome for each performance.

The groups’ performances get better and better, showing how determined the M2 students are to succeed. Group 1 was excellent and set the benchmark for their acting skills. Group 2 really worked well as a team to produce a sensational performance with new character parts added in. I know that the M2 students are a competitive group, and I look forward to seeing Group 3 and 4’s performances.

M2 Students, DNA Play

As a teacher, it always rewarding to see developing talent, and at Sotogrande International School we have plenty of it!

Daniel Maloney, Teacher of Drama and Visual Arts

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