Fabio, Claudia & Christian’s M3 Community Project

Our M3 Community Project

The M3 Community Project aims to help communities around the world in any way we can think of. For our community project, Claudia, Christian and I (Fabio) have decided to help children in Uganda get an education. We chose this as we think education is super important and it’s a huge part of someone’s life. In Uganda, if you get an education, you have something to do every day, you have knowledge, you never realise how important school is until you don’t have it. Children really want to go to school there and the children who get to, walk up to 6 miles to get to school. It is such a big opportunity and is life changing for a child there.

The Challenge

I like running a lot and like a good challenge. To raise awareness and money for the children we thought it would be good to do a sponsored run, but we wanted something WOW. Something that would make people think, a thirteen-year-old is doing that? So we thought of the 70k run. Running 10k every day for a week,  for me, a thirteen-year-old, this is a challenge!

The Runs

We have planned routes and times so people can run with us. If they could, it would be better to run in black, yellow and red, the colours of the Ugandan flag. I will also be running with a Ugandan flag. We have quite a few people running with us and we have 5 different routes I made online.

Day 1 – Wednesday- 4:30 – Start at SIS.  Finish: Port.
Day 2 –  Thursday- 5:00- Start at SIS.  Finish: Pueblo Nuevo
Day 3 – Friday- 4:30 – Start: SIS.  Finish: Pueblo Nuevo
Day 4 -Saturday- 11:00  Start: La Quinta (Polo fields) Finish: Octogono Tennis Club
Day 5 -Sunday- Just me, sunrise. Very early! Octogono to the beach, If you want to come on this day, inform me
Day 6 -Monday- 4:45 – SIS to the Port

Day 7 -Tuesday- Within school time (12:20) – SIS and back- I will be running the last 1k around the pitch at lunch – it would be great if you can join me to celebrate the end of my challenge!

How to sponsor me

So far we have made 200€, to send one child to school it is 250€ for a year.

You can go online at https://www.youcaring.com/runforlearning or give money to me in person. We also have an Instagram account, we will post updates, live videos and more! https://www.instagram.com/runforlearning/

All proceeds go to send a child to school in Uganda and the children appreciate it so much and love going to school. It can really change their life.

Contact me- 06fabiog@sis.gl if you want any more information on my M3 Community Project.

Thank you very much for reading, please help me us to change a life!

Fabio Gold-Sacker, M3

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